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Image for blog post on how much drive insurance is required during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19: Do you need drive insurance when not driving?

  Many insurance companies have announced rebates on “drive insurance” due to COVID-19. Yes, we intentionally called car insurance “drive insurance.” It’s a bit of an unusual name. However, it’s a useful name because it points out the ridiculousness of having car insurance during this time when no one is driving. Right now, having drive insurance […]

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Car Insurance Prices Increasing Due to Distracted Driving

Is distracted driving the reason car insurance prices are increasing?

  Car insurance prices are skyrocketing. A commonly cited reason is distracted driving. Here at ValChoice, we tend to be skeptical of simple explanations, so we took a look into the data. Here’s what we found. First, want to find a fair price for your car insurance? Just click the button below. CAR INSURANCE CALCULATOR […]

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