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How much is homeowners insurance where I live?

  The cost of homeowners insurance varies significantly based on where you live. That’s why ValChoice built a home insurance calculator. Now anyone can find out what homeowners insurance should cost based on where they live. Click the button below to answer the question of how much is homeowners insurance? The ValChoice home insurance calculator […]

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tips for homeowners

How do I have the best fourth of July fireworks?

  Fourth of July. What a great holiday. Family, friends, good food and drink. However, if you’re like us, there won’t be as many people celebrating together due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, celebrating our freedom is important and not a holiday that will just slip by. Here in New Hampshire we take our freedom seriously. […]

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Home Insurance Price

Home insurance price vs. value: which matters more?

  54% of retail shoppers shop based on the quality of the product. Dalziel and Pow published this data in Marketing Week. However, when it comes to the most important purchase of all, that doesn’t apply. There’s one purchase that protects all that families have worked for over a lifetime. Insurance. Surprisingly, advertisements for insurance […]

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Rapidly increasing homeowners insurance prices

What Prices Go Up Faster Than Health Insurance? Home Insurance!

Yes, it’s true. Homeowners insurance prices have been increasing faster than health insurance prices. That comes as a shock to most people. The reason it’s such a shock is because homeowners insurance isn’t a political topic. Therefore, it doesn’t make the headline news. Nevertheless, the rapidly escalating prices of homeowners insurance is hurting consumers. The […]

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Home Insurance Grading System

ValChoice Launches the First Home Insurance Grading System

Father’s Day 2007 in Intensive Care Leads to Insurance Transparency in 2017 Download This Press Release | View Infographic BEDFORD, NH – June 15, 2017 – ValChoice®, the first company to bring transparency to auto insurance, today introduced a new home insurance grading system that rates insurance companies on the three most important things consumers care […]

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