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Rapidly increasing homeowners insurance prices

What Prices Go Up Faster Than Health Insurance? Home Insurance!

Yes, it’s true. Homeowners insurance prices have been increasing faster than health insurance prices. That comes as a shock to most people. The reason it’s such a shock is because homeowners insurance isn’t a political topic. Therefore, it doesn’t make the headline news. Nevertheless, the rapidly escalating prices of homeowners insurance is hurting consumers. The […]

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Infographic - more insurance companies does not translate to more competition and may not result in either cheap insurance or more affordable insurance

ValChoice Fact Checks Donald Trump’s Plan on Insurance

BEDFORD, NH – February 25, 2016 – ValChoice®, the only analytics company for consumers of insurance, today announced a new market analysis report challenging the insurance claims by Donald Trump that selling across state lines will create more competition, thereby driving down costs and helping middle and lower income families. The ValChoice analysis identifies the […]

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Health Insurance Competition Does Not Reduce Prices

Competition drives down prices and improves service, usually. The proof is now in that for health insurance competition does not reduce prices. The proof comes in a study from Health and Human Services (HHS) titled “Premium Affordability, Competition, and Choice in the Health Insurance Marketplace, 2014.” Don’t let the headlines fool you. The headlines quote HHS Secretary […]

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Giving Your Healthcare Away to Others

Giving your healthcare away to others explains why narrow healthcare networks have emerged under Obamacare. This week the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) published a three-year study based on a Massachusetts healthcare plan for state employees. The results of the study show that healthcare spending fell by 40% for employees enrolled in narrow healthcare networks. How Does […]

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Healthcare changes…Are We Headed the Right Way?

Healthcare changes are creating confusion. Are the changes helping? This roundup post covers three topics: What Federal, State and Private Health Insurance Exchanges will NOT accomplish. What are all The New Acronyms, and What do they Mean to Me? Is Universal Healthcare in our Future? Healthcare Changes – What Hasn’t Been Addressed? Lower Healthcare Costs—healthcare […]

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Skinny is no longer in, it’s out

Fads come and go and now another fad has passed. Skinny is no longer in. In fact, skinny is out, as in “out-of-your-pocket.” That’s the latest news on healthcare networks. This week Anthem, a unit of Wellpoint, Inc., was sued for the second time over accusations of switching people to skinny, or narrow, networks that have […]

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Healthcare and Personal Bankruptcy

Numerous polling services blame more than 60% of personal bankruptcy filings on healthcare costs. This is a staggering number. According to Nerdwallet Health, a division of the price comparison website, 1.7 million people would file for personal bankruptcy in 2013 due to health care costs. Let’s accept these numbers as  correct and understand what this means. […]

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Don’t Eat that Donut, You’re Being Watched

Would you be surprised to get a call from your doctor’s office because you bought a donut with your morning coffee or bought cigarettes at the gas station? With the amount of data being collected on consumers these days, it’s possible, and major users of this data are insurance companies. With the implementation of Obamacare, healthcare providers […]

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Healthcare Revolution or Evolution?

We are all watching, and some are experiencing, government-driven healthcare revolution. We hear and read about it daily with reports claiming both overwhelming success and the total failure of this new approach to selling and providing healthcare. While the final conclusion is not yet determined, here is an option that gets less press coverage, but has been functioning well […]

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When Will Auto Insurance Rates Go Down?

There’s been much talk lately about how Obamacare may reduce the cost of auto and worker’s compensation insurance. The reason given is that with broader healthcare coverage, auto and worker’s compensation insurers will not need to pay medical expenses following an accident. That argument sounds logical, but is incorrect for two reasons: History shows that insurance rate changes defy […]

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