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Kickstarter Backers

Launching the ValChoice insurance grading service took a major commitment of time, passion and money. We are grateful for the supporters who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign and helped make this possible. The contributors to this campaign are listed below. All are greatly appreciated. Each and every one of these contributors should take comfort and solace in knowing that consumers will buy better products, easily buy products that best fit their needs and will receive better service because of their generous contribution.

Thank you to all the following:

Chuck Morris

Ken Lizotte

Drennan Lowell

Nic Perez

Michael Morris

Kerri Crowley

Michael Gulett

Sharon Karr

Mark Davis

David Karr

John MacKenzie

Maggie Scofield

Mike Martoccia

Tom Huppuch

Kathryn Karr

Tony Steuer


Fred Pappalardo

Keith Anderson

Steve Long

Eric Moore

Andrew Wolfe

Nina Belcher

Vera Sell

Mike Macon

Srinivas Naikoti

Mark Forbes

Gordon Acheson

Sally Sheriff

Tory Russo

Tom Morris

Pat Ridley

Bill and Julie Casby

Al Bessey

Jonathan Claman

John Zimmerman

Roberta Borchardt

Dixie Hoback

David McMurtry


Marjorie Tipton

Nita Schaffer

Wyatt Bryant

Richard Redelfs

Drannan Hamby

David Arias

Amy Bach

Donna Forbes

Paul Ferguson


Joe Crowder

Nader Soudah

Jerry Shapiro

Megan Heathcott

James Hunt

Jonathan Maletta


Stacie Boesch

Wendi Dell

Stacey & Darryl Condon

Emily Cabral

Steven Byler

Terry Mednieks

John Sullivan

Valerie Davisson

Carol Talerico

Raj Garg

Oren Krimchansky

Steven Davalos


Aiden Hill


John Forrest


Brendan Wright

Diana Schilke

Richard Allen

Bill Wike

Matt Keowen

Guy Wadsworth

Adam Paskoff

Taj Moskowitz

Lois Goldstein Paul

Randy Bing

John Marcolini