Finding the Best Insurance Value

Are you getting the protection you expect from your auto insurance? In the past there was no way to know. Lacking a quantitative measure of performance, people chose insurance based on advertisements, price or based on what relatives or friends recommended. With ValChoice you can find out how good your insurance company is about paying claims. Finally, you will know if you are getting value for the money you are required to spend.

People don’t realize that insurance companies vary dramatically based on factors such as where you live and how much money you make. Until now it has not been possible to know which insurer offers the best protection. ValChoice is changing that by employing sophisticated data-mining and quantitative analysis software. We collect and analyze big data so consumers can know how good their insurance is and so agents and brokers can guide people to the product that best fits their needs.

ValChoice Video Overview

Finding the Best Insurance – Made Easy

The ValChoice service is for consumers, insurance agents and insurance brokers. For consumers, an ability to check the value, protection and service quality of the insurance they buy is sorely needed. For insurance agents and brokers, knowing which products and companies provide the best value, protection and service quality enables them to provide their customers customized reports demonstrating the value of the products in their portfolio. This gives both the agent and the client confidence they are buying the protection they and their loved one’s deserve.

For the large number of insurance companies working to compete without spending large amounts of the policyholders money on advertising campaigns, ValChoice provides tools that enable your sales channel to easily communicate value. After all, a key corporate objective for many companies is to provide better protection to more customers at a lower cost. Making the sales channel more effective while reducing advertising costs is a very effective way of doing this.

In the past finding the best insurance was based on price and advertisements. We all know that advertisements are often the opposite of the truth, but there didn’t used to be any other information available.

Finally you are able to get the best insurance value. You will now be able to buy the best insurance based on detailed information about price, claims payment and service quality. With ValChoice you will have real information on which you can base a decision about which of the insurance options you are considering provides the best value.

What People Want to Know About Insurance Companies

Surveys show that the people view the best companies as those paying claims and compensating for losses in a fair and timely manner. However, this information has never been available in the past. People will soon find the rating information they need, right here!

What People Want to Know is the Insurance Rating for Paying Claims

Our engineers have completed the development of sophisticated server software that mines the data available on insurance companies. Our analytics software turns that data into custom reports on any insurance company showing the level of value, protection and service quality they offer.

Think about it, you pay the price of the insurance up front. Do you know if the company will pay money back to you when you file a claim? That’s the million dollar question that until now no one has been able to answer.

This is an exciting breakthrough for everyone who buys or sells insurance. Yes, that’s you and everyone you know. Fill out the form below to be the first to get this data and tell your friends about this site.

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