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"I saved $2,781 per year with the Compare Car Insurance report."

David W., New Hampshire

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“Karr (ValChoice founder) wants consumers to know how well or badly the insurance company they sign up with will treat them. A motorist plowed into Karr...and that was just the beginning.”   Joe Rodriguez  

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Why Our Founder Started ValChoice

Like most people, I was fully insured with what I thought was good health and auto insurance. Then I was hit by a car. Everything seemed fine, until I got a letter in the mail saying I was being taken to collections for nearly $100,000 of medical bills that insurance companies weren’t paying.

After a lengthy process of recovering the money, I vowed to fix this problem. I vowed to apply my technology background to make sure no other family ever experience the same thing my family went through. ... READ MORE

“ValChoice, a data analytics company that aims to bring some transparency to the opaque insurance industry.” Gretchen Morgenson 

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We Use Data Analytics to Compare Car and Home Insurance Companies on:

Compare car and home insurance company prices. Find which car and home insurance companies rate the best on price.


Are you getting what you're paying for? Our analytics compares car and home insurance companies and let you know if yours is good, bad or ugly.

Are you getting the protection you are paying for? We compare car and home insurance companies and grade them on their claims payment history.


Is your insurance company good about paying claims? Until now, there was no way to know. ValChoice knows. We think you deserve to know too.

Compare Car and Home Insurance Company service. Find which car and home insurance companies rate the best for service.


Is the service of your insurer what you deserve for the price? We measure the service of all companies so you can comparison shop.

"Carfax...for Insurance"  Giovanni Rodriguez  Forbes magazine press article on technology executive, author and ValChoice founder Dan Karr

We Are Independent And Unbiased

Save time and money by starting with a ValChoice rating.


We use only data that has been reviewed by insurance commissioners. This is the highest quality data available.


Our mathematical model of the industry grades companies from 0 to 100. Finally, you can know how good your company is.

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