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"Carfax for...Insurance"  Giovanni Rodriguez  Forbes magazine press article on technology executive, author and ValChoice founder Dan Karr

We Use Data Analytics to Compare Car and Home Insurance Companies on:


Are you getting what you're paying for? Our analytics compares car and home insurance companies and let you know if yours is good, bad or ugly.


Is your insurance company good about paying claims? Until now, there was no way to know. ValChoice knows. We think you deserve to know too.


Is the service of your insurer what you deserve for the price? We measure the service of all companies so you can comparison shop.

"I saved $2,781 per year with the Compare Car Insurance report."

David W., New Hampshire

We are independent and unbiased.


We do not sell insurance. We simplify insurance. We provide independent, unbiased ratings on car and home insurance companies. We collect and analyze millions of data points and give you an easy-to-understand, fuel-gauge-style image that explains any insurance company with a single image. If you’re shopping for insurance, or want to know if you can trust your insurance company, save time and money by starting with a ValChoice report.

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