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Is your family paying too much for car insurance?

This Market Report shows most families are paying more than they should be for car insurance. Finally, ValChoice is delivering the measure of value consumers need to make better decisions when buying car insurance.

We deliver transparency by analyzing millions of industry data points. Best of all, we present you with an easy-to-understand gauge showing how good companies are for price, protection (claims payment history) and service.  Click here for a report on any car insurance company. After all, once you need your insurance, it’s too late to change to a better company.

We also provide information guides, calculators to determine the value of a claim, and much more information. Please review the following sections of our website to get the latest in unbiased insurance information for consumers.

Our Tools and Guides

Empowering consumers to make informed insurance choices.

Download Consumer Insurance Information GuidesConsumer Information Guides

Our Consumer Information Guides are for you to learn interesting facts about insurance that impacts you and your family. Read our guides, download them or send them to friends. Whatever you want. These are for you.

read our consumer information blogLearn More

Visit our blog for interesting tidbits on a variety of insurance related topics. Our views are unique because we don’t sell insurance and are not promoting a political philosophy. We simply care about consumers. 

insurance information in your stateBest Insurance by State (Map)

The state maps show which states offer the best value for home and car insurance. Click any state on these maps to get information specific to that state. We’ve compiled a list of important links and helpful information.  

calculate the claim payment you deserve when you're injuredPersonal Injury Claim Calculator

Are you or someone you know filing a claim, but are not sure about the value of the injuries? Check out our Personal Injury Claim Calculator.