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Fallen tree on car as an example of the need for comprehensive insurance

What do Hurricanes, Floods and Wildfires Have in Common?

Do hurricanes, wildfires and floods have anything in common? When it comes to your car, yes they do. In fact, as far as your car insurance company is concerned, they’re almost identical. The common theme is comprehensive insurance. If you don’t have comprehensive insurance, you pay the cost of the damage caused by a hurricane, […]

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Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria Are Likely to Affect Your Home Insurance Cost

Will Harvey, Irma and Maria Affect My Home Insurance Cost?

Do you live in a state subject to hurricanes? If not, you may be wondering if Harvey, Irma and Maria will impact your home insurance cost? Homeowners in hurricane prone states like Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina expect to have a high home insurance cost. What homeowners in other states wonder is […]

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Image depicting the shareholder vs. policyholder conflict. The conflict manifests itself in multiple ways, including publicly traded insurers being more likely to delay and deny insurance claims.

The Type of Car Insurer That Delays and Denies Insurance Claims

Executive Summary: On November 18, 2016 the New York Times[1] reported on the ValChoice Report that identified and quantified the economic conflict that exists between policyholders and shareholders of publicly traded auto insurance companies. This new report is an update to those earlier findings with three key points. The cost of the conflict is rapidly […]

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Rapidly increasing homeowners insurance prices

What Prices Go Up Faster Than Health Insurance? Home Insurance!

Yes, it’s true. Homeowners insurance prices have been increasing faster than health insurance prices. That comes as a shock to most people. The reason it’s such a shock is because homeowners insurance isn’t a political topic. Therefore, it doesn’t make the headline news. Nevertheless, the rapidly escalating prices of homeowners insurance is hurting consumers. The […]

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Comprehensive Insurance

Does Your Car Float Like A Boat? What to do if it Won’t!

When flood insurance comes up in conversation, it’s usually about homes. However, Hurricane Harvey may have changed that. Harvey flooded an estimated one million cars in the Houston area. With Hurricane Irma on her way to Florida, protecting your car from flooding is top of mind for many commuters. In Texas, commuters that had comprehensive […]

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Flood Insurance

10 Facts About Flood Insurance, Without Drowning in Details

Flood insurance is so boring, even insurance companies don’t offer it. Instead of private insurers offering flood insurance, now the federal government offers flood insurance. This creates lots of complications. Having the government institute a major program like flood insurance could also be part of the reason the system functions so poorly. This blog post […]

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Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is Here. Now What Do I Do?

Hurricane Harvey arrived late last night. Unfortunately, Harvey made landfall with the full force of category 4 winds. Category 4 is defined as sustained winds above 130 mph. Can you imagine sustained winds blowing harder than if you put your head out the window of a car going significantly faster than most cars are capable […]

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