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Car Insurance Claim Form

Seven Easy Steps to Getting Your Car Insurance Claim Paid

Do you know how good your insurer is about paying a car insurance claim? Be honest. How could you possibly know? The ads of the big insurance companies mostly focus on them having the best price. Some companies make statements about having the best claims handling service. However, the supporting evidence is missing. The bottomline […]

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A Guide to Surviving The Holidays

A Guide to Surviving the Holidays – Nine Tips for Families

The winter holidays are a great time of year. While some may have read the title, “Surviving the Holidays,” and thought this article would focus on entertaining the in-laws, it doesn’t. No, we’re referring to keeping your family safe. Sadly, the holiday season is also one of the more dangerous and deadly times of year. […]

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Image for blog post "How to get hurricane insurance without getting blown away."

How to Get Hurricane Insurance Without Being Blown Away

Many homeowners don’t understand hurricane insurance. Do you? It’s only hard to understand because nobody ever bothered to make it easy. We made hurricane insurance easy to understand. The confusion is often due to how deductibles are handled. In many states, the deductible for wind damage increases when there has been a hurricane. Historically, homeowners […]

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