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The ValChoice blog is the best source for independent, unbiased consumer insurance information. Our information is unbiased and trusted because we do not sell insurance and do not have investors. Our mission is to help consumers get good insurance at a good value.

Home Insurance Premium Calculator

Check Our Home Insurance Premium Calculator to See if Your Price is Fair

With home insurance prices increasing at four times the rate of median family income, homeowners need to pay close attention to how much they pay for insurance. We created 51 versions of the ValChoice home insurance premium calculator to help you know if you’re getting a fair price. You may ask, “why 51 versions?” There […]

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House Fire

Is There Anything I Can do to Avoid a House Fire?

When  people think of house fires, images of California wildfires destroying everything in their path come to mind. However, the statistics of house fires paint a very different picture. In fact, the answer to the question of whether there is anything you can do to avoid having a house fire is “yes.” Surprisingly, statistics show that […]

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Publicly Owned Vehicles

Do You Know How Many Publicly Owned Vehicles There Are?

There are a large number of publicly owned vehicles on the roads throughout the country. In total, more than four million. Nationwide, that translates into one in every 65 vehicles being publicly owned. The Highest Percentage of Publicly Owned Vehicles is in Washington D.C. The variation in the number of publicly owned vehicles is highest […]

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