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“Due to the pandemic and the likely societal shifts that will result, a lot more of our patrons are going to be forced to navigate the murky waters of personal insurance, where any missteps can be incredibly costly.  With ValChoice, librarians can give patrons the tools they'll need.”

– Michael Zeller, Vice President,  New England Library Association (NELA)

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Unlimited access to price calculators and online apps. Learn how insurance is priced and what you can do to get the best rates.
Unlimited insurance company ratings. Get ratings on price, protection (quality) and service for any insurance company.
"How To" Videos
Free video content guiding patrons through how to use the ValChoice calculators while teaching the important points of insurance.
Tutorial Videos
Videos by stage of life (16-24, 25-54 & 55+). These videos teach the relevant topics all buyers of insurance need to know.
Included with the tutorial video series showing patrons how to determine deductibles and the proper coverage limits.
Get a copy of Dan's book Injured Money and read the true story of what it's like to fight billion dollar corporations in legal battles.

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“ValChoice gives transparency to the world of insurance, helping consumers understand costs and companies. It’s an excellent tool for educating and empowering consumers as well as increasing financial literacy.”

– Wendy Pothier, Business Librarian, University of New  Hampshire

Tutorials Tailored to Your Patrons Needs: Stage of Life, Lost a Job, etc.

How does coronavirus affect car insurance

Not driving due to the pandemic? Need to save money?

Target ages: 16+

Total time: ~11 minutes

  • 35 million people unemployed
  • Even more cars garaged due to no longer commuting
  • Library patrons badly need to understand insurance options
  • Savings from 10% to 70% possible, depending on situation
  • Video shows patrons how to capture savings

Premium Tutorials Overview

Premium Tutorials Featuring Insurance Expert, Dan Karr

The following content is currently free for users that register and use the content. In the future, these premium tutorials, featuring expert advice, will become paid content for new users. Existing users will be grandfathered in with free access.

Cover image for the ValChoice video series on the steps to buying car insurance agent 16 to 24

"First Steps to Getting Car Insurance"

Target Ages 16 – 24

Seven videos

Total time: ~25 minutes

Topics Include:

  • Getting a license: Now or later?
  • Discounts: Maximizing and keeping
  • Coverage types: the options & what they cost

Cover image for the ValChoice video series on buying insurance with a growing family and assets, ages 25 to 54.

"Growing assets and family?"

Target ages: 25 - 54

Nine videos

Total time: ~30 minutes

Topics include:

  • Coverage limits: When to change.
  • Teen drivers: What you need to know now.
  • Umbrella policies: When you need one.

Cover image for the ValChoice video series addressing whether you have outgrown your insurance, ages 55+.

"Have you outgrown your insurance?"

Target Ages: 55+

Nine videos

Total time: ~35 minutes

Topics include:

  • Teen drivers: What you need to know.
  • Changing lifestyle: How to save money
  • Age: How it impacts your cost

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New York Times calls ValChoice a data analytics company that is bringing transparency to the insurance industry."