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Find the Best Auto Insurance in Your State

Is your car insurance price going up faster than it should? Find out now.

This Car Insurance Comparison Report Compares Your Car Insurance Company to Three of the Best Companies in the State Where You Live

Compare Car Insurance Companies

See how your current car insurance company compares to three of the best in your state.

The Best Car Insurance Rating Report Names Two of the Best Car Insurance Companies in Your State

Two of the Best Car Insurance Companies in Your State

Would you just like to know two of the best car insurance companies in your state?

Car Insurance Comparison Reports comparing a single company to the industry average

Single Car Insurance Report

Did you ever wonder how good your car insurance company is compared to all the others? Find out now.

Car insurance rates and trends

Car Insurance Rates and Trends

Insurance is your last line of defense. Is your insurance company improving or declining? You need to know. Find out here.

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For those you love the most. Give yourself peace-of-mind by giving them the best protection.


Saving People Time, Money and Aggravation

On average, families spend $350 too much on car insurance, and don’t know how good their insurance company is about paying claims.

Now people use ValChoice to find the best car insurance. Our independent, unbiased analysis let’s you shop only the good companies and stop wasting time getting quotes from the others.

Which Report is for You?

If you currently have insurance, get the Comparison Report. This report will show you how three of the best car insurance companies in your state compare to your current insurance company.

  • Best Value States
  • Medium Value States
  • Worst Value States
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Insurance companies vary greatly by state. Checkout your company in your state.
New York Times, Forbes, Financial Advisor Media Coverage of ValChoice Car Insurance Value

About the Car Insurance Value Map

The map above categorizes states by how much value consumers get in that state for the price of their car insurance. The colors identify a continuum from best to worst. Dark green identifies the states that provide the best car insurance value and red identifies those that offer the least value. Each color code represents 10 of the 50 (20%) states.

In states where people filing car insurance claims are paid a higher percentage of the insurance premiums, consumers are getting better value for the dollars they spend on insurance. Conversely, in states where a higher percentage of premiums goes toward insurance company corporate profits and less money is paid to those filing claims, consumers are getting less value from the insurance they are mandated to buy.

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