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Personal Injury Claim Calculator

An accident or tragedy will turn your life upside down and inside out. When you’re injured, getting straight answers on the amount of financial compensation due is nearly impossible. Our founder lived this nightmare. ValChoice was founded so no other family ever experiences similar nightmare scenarios.
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We help families like yours avoid horrifying situations by making sure you get the best insurance. In the event you do get into a difficult situation, we offer this claim calculator so you can know what you rightfully deserve.




Using the Claim Calculator

The range of values for your personal injury claim can be easily determined using this claim calculator. Enter the total of your medical bills and the income you lost due to missing work. It doesn’t matter if you used your vacation or sick time. If you missed work due to an accident, the time off work should be included in your lost income calculation.

After inputing the numbers, click the radio button indicating if you are permanently disabled. The claim calculator will show you the minimum and maximum value of your personal injury claim.

A detailed description of this personal injury claim calculator is included in the book “Injured Money.” To understand how to more precisely determine the value of your claim, and what factors influence the value, read “Chapter 4 – What’s Your Claim Worth” of the book “Injured Money.” Also included in the book is a guide for determining if your claim is worth filing, whether to hire an attorney, and true-story examples of the how you can expect the insurance company you are working with to respond to your claim.

Recovering damages for personal injuries is not easy. Make sure you are adequately prepared. Whether you are filing the claim yourself or working with an attorney, your level of preparation has a significant impact on what you eventually recover.