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NYTimes, Forbes, Financial Advisor Media Coverage of ValChoice

Compare and Get the Best Car Insurance – Special Offer for iHeart Media Listeners

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iHeart MediaAre you getting a fair price, good protection and the service you expect? On average, families spend $350 more than they need to on auto insurance. Even though people overpay, they still don't know how good their insurance company is about paying claims.


ValChoice has changed that. All you do is tell us who your car insurance company is and we will compare that with three of the best car insurance companies in your state. We even show how good each company is for paying claims. The side-by-side comparison shows what you need to know to decide which companies to contact for a quote. Get your report now!


We’re changing how consumers shop for insurance. This new approach can save you time, money and get you better insurance.

The old way of shopping was to choose an insurance company, or an agent, and call for a quote. If you liked the quote, you would go with it. Unfortunately, you still didn’t know how good the insurance company was if you needed to file a claim. That’s called, “rolling the dice.” Our founder used that approach. Unfortunately, he was hit by a car and ended up having to pay his own medical bills, even though he was fully insured.

The new way to shop is to get a ValChoice report identifying which companies are the best, then ask only those companies for a quote. You don’t need to waste time with companies that don’t offer a good value or good protection.

Change is Good

The media loves the work we’re doing to bring transparency to the insurance industry. That’s why the New York Times, Forbes and many other top media outlets cover ValChoice.

One of the many insurance related issues consumers face is that insurance prices are increasing much faster than family income. That means insurance, of all types, continues to take a bigger bite out of your income.

Transparency solves that problem. Get this report and you will find the best companies in the state where you live. We’ve made insurance shopping easy. Try it out!

About ValChoice

ValChoice® is the only company to provide consumers, agents and advisors with information on which home and auto insurance companies offer the best value: price, protection and service. The company’s analytics platform collects and analyzes millions of financial and complaint data points and delivers the results in an easy-to-use service that Forbes Magazine describe as “Carfax for…insurance.” Using ValChoice, consumers are finally able to shop for insurance based on value rather than making decisions blindly based on price or advertising campaigns.