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Is your car insurance price going up faster than it should? Find out now.

The Car Insurance Comparison Report Compares Your Car Insurance Company to Three of the Best Companies in the State Where You Live

Compare Car Insurance Companies

See how your current car insurance company compares to three of the best in your state.

Car Insurance Rating Reports compare any insurance company to other companies

Car Insurance Rating

Are you considering a new car insurance company? Find out how they compare.

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Access a localized car insurance calculator, and much more information on the best and worst companies, by clicking your state.

Saving People Time, Money and Frustration

On average, families spend $350 too much on car insurance, per car. Worst of all, paying too much doesn't mean the insurance will be good about paying claims.

Now people use ValChoice to find the best car insurance. Our independent, unbiased analysis let's you shop only the best companies and stop wasting time with the others.

Which Report is for You?

If you currently have insurance, get the Comparison Report Card. This report will show you how three of the best car insurance companies in your state compare to your current insurance company.