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Florida Insurance Laws and Regulations

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation develops and enforces insurance laws. The Florida Division of Consumer Services provides access to consumer complaint data through their website. Consumers can contact the department with questions and complaints about their personal auto and home insurance. Consumers not receiving the service they expect or deserve from an insurer can file a complaint against an insurance company directly with the Department of Insurance.

Important Laws

A summary of the driving safety laws for the state of Florida can be found with this link. The information includes a summary of the laws affecting people driving cars, or riding motorcycles or bicycles while using cell phones or texting. Also included are the requirements for child safety seats, wearing a helmet and being under the influence while operating a vehicle in the state of Florida.

The Florida Statute of Limitations defines the time limit following an accident when you can file a lawsuit. Once this time limit has passed, you can no longer file a lawsuit.

Hurricane deductibles are triggered in the state of FL when a hurricane is declared by the National Weather Service. Insurers have the option of offering $500, 2%, 5% or 10% deductibles. The percentage deductibles are based on the total value of the home. FL law specifies that discounts are available to owners that taking hurricane mitigation actions. These discounts are available for both personal and commercial residential property.

Florida has minimum auto insurance amounts that are required by law. The table below shows the FL minimum car insurance limits.

Minimum Car Insurance Coverage Required in Florida

Minimum Coverage
Property Damage 10,000
Personal Injury Protection 10,000

Resources Available to Consumers

The Small Claims Court is available for consumers to resolve issues, without needing to hire an attorney. This link to the small claims court provides more information, including the dollar limit of claims that can be made in this court.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is for disaster victims who are uninsured, underinsured or the victim of a flood.