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Is your most valuable asset properly protected?

The family home is often the most valuable asset families own. Until now, when it came to protecting the home there was no way to know which companies were best about paying claims. That's changed. With our data analysis you can know today, for free.

Now it's easy to make good decisions on insurance. Our independent, unbiased analysis let's you shop only the good companies and stop wasting time and money with the others.

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If you simply want to know how your insurance company rates compared to the industry, get the Free Home Insurance Rating report. If you want to know which companies are better, get the Compare Home Insurance report.

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This blog guides you through how to compare homeowners insurance companies in order to find the best.

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Clicking the map above, or the links below, will take you to more detailed information on how to find the best home insurance in your state. Until now, there's been no quantitative data to help people find the best car and home insurance. At ValChoice, we're changing that.