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How We Get Paid

Image for How We Get PaidOur motto is “don’t trust anyone until you know how they get paid.” Yes, we live by this motto. Therefore, in the spirit of embracing transparency, here’s how we get paid.

A Mission Oriented Business

As a mission oriented business, we are different than other rating services in three important ways:

  1. We have no outside investors. Therefore, we are never forced to make tradeoffs between making shareholders richer versus doing what’s right for consumers.
  2. We only use high-quality data collected by state insurance departments. We never include user surveys or web reviews in the analysis. Consequently, we are unquestionably the most accurate rating service.
  3. The first step is to collect the data and complete the calculations. Once complete, the analysis is available based on the three business models described below.

Our Customers And How we Help Them

ValChoice provides insurane ratings reports to consumers


Unlimited free ratings, calculator access, best car and best home insurance listings to anyone with internet access. Additional information is available for a small fee.

The “Comparison Reports” identify the best insurance companies. Companies cannot pay us to be identified as “best.”

ValChoice provides tools and reports for Insurance Agents

Insurance Agents

ValChoice tools provides agents access to our data analysis. Our lead service matches consumers with the best insurers, and sends prospects a free ValChoice report.

We do not get paid by commissions on sales. Hence, we have no financial incentive for you to change insurance companies.

ValChoice provides tools and reports for Insurance Agents

Insurance Companies

Insurers use our data analysis to: understand the competition, develop marketing & product strategy and to work with agents to build the business.

Our tools allow insurers to improve their strategic planning and easily calculate ROI on marketing and sales campaigns.

Shop for Insurance the Way That Best Suits You

Start with a Quality Check

Would you like to know how good your insurance company is? Click one of the buttons below and get a free rating.


Price First

Are you a price shopper? If so, use our calculators to estimate a fair price. Don’t forget to check the overall rating — in particular the claims handling — before making a purchase decision. As we always say, it doesn’t matter how cheap the insurance was, if they don’t pay a valid claim it was a waste of money.



Quality Insurance Found with Ease

For the shoppers that are interested in quality insurance and want it to be easy, use our listings of the best five insurance companies, in every state. Yes, companies can vary a lot from state to state. That’s why we grade every company in every state.