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How We Get Paid

Image for How We Get PaidOur motto is “don’t trust anyone until you know how they get paid.” Yes, we live by this motto. Therefore, in the spirit of embracing transparency, here’s how we get paid.

A Mission Oriented Business

As a mission oriented business, we are different than other rating services in three important ways:

  1. We have  no outside investors. Therefore, we are never forced to make tradeoffs between making shareholders richer versus doing what’s right for consumers.
  2. We use only high-quality data collected by state departments of insurance. This provides transparency and accuracy that is not available from other review services.
  3. The data is collected and calculations completed before engaging potential customers. Once our analysis is complete, it’s available for use by anyone based on the three business models described below.

Our Customers And How we Help Them

ValChoice provides insurane ratings reports to consumers


Free ratings are available to anyone with internet access and an email address. Additional information is available for a small fee.

The “Comparison Reports” identify the best insurance companies. Companies cannot pay us to be identified as “best.”

ValChoice Awards the best insurance companies

Insurance Companies

We license the results of our analytics to Insurance companies. They use our analysis to monitor performance and in marketing and sales campaigns.

We analyze the data then announce the winners. We never accept payment before doing the calculations. This approach is unique and ensures there is no conflict of interest.

ValChoice provides tools and reports for Insurance Agents


We also provide tools and leads for agents. Our tools are a good way to get free reports to agents. Our lead service matches consumers with the companies that will serve them best.

Agents do not pay us commissions. Hence, we have no financial incentive for you to change insurance companies.

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