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How much is the best homeowner insurance?

  For most families, their home is their most valuable asset. However, we all have many demands for the precious dollars we have to spend each month. Therefore, it’s tempting to limit the amount of coverage on our home in order to keep the price down. Alternatively, some homeowners simply shop based on price, giving their […]

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How do I have the best fourth of July fireworks?

  Fourth of July. What a great holiday. Family, friends, good food and drink. However, if you’re like us, there won’t be as many people celebrating together due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, celebrating our freedom is important and not a holiday that will just slip by. Here in New Hampshire we take our freedom seriously. […]

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Home Lightning Strikes

Does my home need a lightning rod to protect from lightning strikes?

  When lightning bolts shatter the night sky with flashes of light and the thunder booms, I often find myself wondering “do we need a lightning rod on our house? I suspect many others that live in areas prone to thunder and lightning storms ask themselves the same question. Therefore, we decided to look into […]

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How do I find the best homeowners insurance?

  We’ve all been there. The mortgage is finally approved. The loan officer says we need to close quick. However, there’s one more item needed. Proof of homeowners insurance. Hurry. Get the proof of insurance quickly. There’s no time to shop for the best homeowners insurance. Finally, the mortgage closes. The house is ours. Let’s […]

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When does the 2020 hurricane season start?

  Yes, hurricane season is back. Unfortunately, this isn’t a season of celebrating the tropical drink named after these infamous windstorms. The question on their mind when people thinking about hurricane season is “how bad will it be?” Would you like to know how good your car and home insurance companies are before the storms […]

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A Guide to Surviving The Holidays

A Guide to Surviving the Holidays – Nine Tips for Families

The winter holidays are a great time of year. While some may have read the title, “Surviving the Holidays,” and thought this article would focus on entertaining the in-laws, it doesn’t. No, we’re referring to keeping your family safe. Sadly, the holiday season is also one of the more dangerous and deadly times of year. […]

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Rapidly increasing homeowners insurance prices

What Prices Go Up Faster Than Health Insurance? Home Insurance!

Yes, it’s true. Homeowners insurance prices have been increasing faster than health insurance prices. That comes as a shock to most people. The reason it’s such a shock is because homeowners insurance isn’t a political topic. Therefore, it doesn’t make the headline news. Nevertheless, the rapidly escalating prices of homeowners insurance is hurting consumers. The […]

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