Auto Insurance in Massachusetts

Q: Can I save money on my Massachusetts car insurance due to the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Yes. Many people can save at least 15%. In Massachusetts, 15% of the average car insurance price for Liability, Collision and Comprehensive equals $254. Some people can save as much as 60%. In Massachusetts, 60% of the average car insurance price for Liability, Collision and Comprehensive equals $1017. To find out if these savings apply to you, go to this blog post on saving on car insurance due to COVID-19.

Q: How much does Massachusetts car insurance cost?

On average, Massachusetts residents pay $1588 per year for car insurance. This equals $132 per month or $794 per six months. Car insurance prices vary significantly based on insurance company and the level of risk they believe you represent. To find out what your car insurance should cost, use the ValChoice car insurance calculator.

Q: What is the cheapest car insurance in MA?

Only liability insurance (this pays for others when you cause an accident) is mandatory in Massachusetts. Therefore, getting only liability insurance is the cheapest. On average, liability insurance in Massachusetts costs $902 per year, $451 per six months and $75 per month.

However, many people want to protect their vehicle and themselves in the event they are in an accident (collision insurance), or something out of their control (comprehensive insurance) happens. In Massachusetts, the average price for collision insurance is $591 per year, $295 per six months and $49 per month. On average, comprehensive insurance in Massachusetts costs $202 per year, $101 per six months and $17 per month.

Find out what your liability, collision and comprehensive insurance should cost with the ValChoice car insurance calculator.

Q: Is full-coverage auto insurance worth it?

The combination of liability (required by law in Massachusetts), collision and comprehensive insurance is sometimes called “Full coverage.” Whether this is worth it depends on the value of your car. The value of your car only effects collision and comprehensive insurance. Use the ValChoice car insurance calculator to see what the additional cost of collision and comprehensive insurance should be for you.

Q: What is the best, cheap auto insurance in Massachusetts?

Bad insurance doesn’t necessarily cost less, and good insurance doesn’t necessarily cost more. In fact, some companies with the worst claims handling in the industry, sell insurance at high prices because they think their customers will believe the insurance is better because it is high priced.

When buying car insurance, start with the ValChoice car insurance calculator. We will let you know a fair price. If you want us connect you with one of the best insurance companies, click the button at the end of the calculator asking for this help and we will.

5 Best Car Insurance Companies in Massachusetts

ValChoice uses multiple sets of data collected by the Massachusetts department of insurance, and other sources, to determine the top rated insurance companies. We analyze the data to determine the best car insurance companies in MA. Our objective is to let consumers know the best insurance companies so you can make informed decisions when buying protection for you and your family.

Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) it's often not the market share leaders that rank highest for best insurance. Why is that? The reason is the industry is focused on delivering low-cost offerings. Low prices often come at the expense of good claims handling.

ValChoice analysis includes price (value), claims handling (quality) and overall service as the three factors used in our ratings. Price is not the only factor that matters when buying quality coverage.

Best Car Insurance in Massachusetts

ValChoice Score
100 out of 100
Auto-Owners Insurance
96 out of 100
Electric Insurance Company
80 out of 100
Plymouth Rock Companies
77 out of 100
Travelers Insurance
74 out of 100
All ratings are based on high-quality data and analysis. Data sources include: SERFF, state insurance commissioners, National Association of Insurance Commissioners, AM Best Company and S & P Market Intelligence. Data used by permission.
Published by ValChoice on December 17, 2023


How do your Massachusetts car insurance and home insurance companies rate?

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Minimum Car Insurance Coverage Required in Massachusetts

Massachusetts laws require the minimum insurance amounts shown in the table below. The important point to know about insurance coverage amounts is they define the maximum amount and insurance company is obligated to pay. If the costs are more than the amount of insurance coverage you purchased, you will be personally responsible for the costs above your coverage limits. More information on how insurance coverage protects you is included below the table.

Minimum Coverage
Bodily Injury, per person 20000
Bodily Injury, per accident 40000
Property Damage 5000


Types of Massachusetts Car Insurance

Massachusetts is known as a "no-fault" state for auto insurance. You may have also heard of no-fault insurance coverage by the name personal injury protection. No fault and personal injury protection are the same.

No Fault and Bodily Injury Protection

With no-fault insurance, it doesn't matter who causes an accident. Whether the accident is caused by you or someone else, the coverage you have under your insurance pays for your bodily injuries and your passengers bodily injuries. In the case your passengers are covered by their own insurance, their insurance will be the first to pay for their injuries.

The payment amount is capped at the coverage limit of the policy. The table above shows the minimum coverage limits. Minimum coverage limits means you must buy at least this much insurance coverage. Buying more than the minimum coverage amount is also acceptable.

In the event that you are at fault and the other party (one or more people) has bodily injuries in excess of the amount of coverage you purchased, you will be responsible for the amount above the coverage you bought. This means you will be personally responsible for the medical bills, lost wages, etc, of all the people that were injured. To avoid being personally responsible, you can purchase additional bodily injury liability coverage. Click this link for more information on car insurance coverage requirements in Massachusetts.

Property Damage Protection

The property damage liability portion of your insurance coverage pays for repairs to the other person's vehicle or property. This works the same way as the bodily injury coverage, with the difference being it pays for the other parties property. The maximum amount the insurance will pay on your behalf is the coverage limit that you purchased. If you want coverage above the minimum amount, that can be purchased, but is not required. Coverage for your own vehicle can also be purchased.

Drivers often wonder what coverage they have for a vehicle that gets damaged by floodwater. Floodwater damage protection is part of your comprehensive insurance. For more details on insurance coverage for flooded vehicles, read our blog post titled "Does Your Car Float Like a Boat? What to do if it Won't!"

Getting an Auto Insurance Quote

When you get a car insurance quote, be sure to get an example of the insurance policy, or the declarations page. This will be proof of how much insurance you're actually buying. Also, be sure to keep a copy of the insurance policy so you know the full extent of your coverage.

Always ask your agent to provide you with a ValChoice report. ValChoice reports are the only reliable way to know how well insurance companies perform for providing a good value, their performance when handling claims and the level of service they provide.

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