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Best Service Award – Automobile Insurance

Automobile Insurance Best Service AwardThe "Best Service" award is based on the service score across all states where the company does business. This award applies to the automobile insurance line-of-business. The medallion is customized with the company name and year it was earned so consumers know when the award was earned.

To win this award, companies are compared to all other companies in the industry. Only the best companies, as proven over a multi-year period, are recognized with this award.

Companies that earn this prestigious award display it prominently in their print and media advertising as well as on the company website. This is because the ValChoice “Best Service” award is the most reliable metric for determining how well companies perform when it comes to providing white glove service.

The medallion is customized with the company name and year in which the award was won. Companies display this award prominently in online, print and media advertising.

About the ValChoice Grading System

ValChoice is independent and unbiased. We collect high-quality data and use sophisticated algorithms to grade  insurance companies. The algorithms are developed with complete independence from the insurance industry. Our analytical approach to grading insurance companies is the most complete, most accurate and most reliable approach in the industry.

The transparency this grading system provides helps consumers identify which insurance companies are are worthy of their business. From an insurance company perspective, this transparency helps the best companies compete without the necessity of expensive advertising campaign.

Participating in the ValChoice awards program has no bearing on the selection process. All companies selling insurance are included in the analysis, in each state where they actively sell insurance. Companies that license and display these awards get no preferential treatment in the award selection process, or in the information we make available to consumers in our reports.

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new york times"ValChoice, a data analytics company that aims to bring some transparency to the opaque insurance industry."

-Gretchen Morgenson

Forbes magazine press article on technology executive, author and founder Dan Karr
ValChoice is “Carfax”

-Giovanni Rodriguez

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