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Car Insurance Calculator | Car Insurance Estimator


How much has your car insurance gone up in the last few years? 25%? Even more? If you pay the bills in your household, you probably wonder: is this a fair price increase for car insurance? Find out with our Car Insurance Calculator.

Your information is only used to calculate insurance price.

Why People Don’t Shop Their Car Insurance

Most people don’t regularly shop their car insurance. In fact, many people don’t ever shop their car insurance. We understand why. 1) It’s not fun, 2) it’s confusing and 3) nobody wants to get an unsolicited sales pitch about something as confusing and boring as insurance. Yes, we get it. That’s why we built the only interactive car insurance calculator on the web.

Best of all, it’s free.

Reasons to Use a Car Insurance Calculator

There is a long list of reasons for using a car insurance estimator, including:

  • You are no longer driving due to the pandemic and want to know how much you can save.
    • You’re in the right place. This car insurance estimator shows you how much you can save by not driving.
  • You haven’t shopped your car insurance for a long time, and you’re wondering:
    • Is my price fair?
    • Are there discounts I should qualify for that I’m not getting
  • You recently or soon will have a teen driver, and you’re wondering:
    • What will it cost?
    • Will it cost more or less to get another car for her to driver?
  • Did you get a ticket or have an accident, and you’re wondering:
    • Is the price increase my insurer gave me fair?
    • Should I be shopping for another insurance company
  • You’re thinking about getting a different car and want to know:
    • Will the insurance bill be higher or lower?
    • Will certain safety features reduce my insurance cost?

There are a lot more reasons than just this. Our aim is to make it easy for you to find the answers. No hassle. No sales pitch. If you want better insurance, we will help you find that too.

Click the button below to go to the car insurance calculator


The Only Actual Car Insurance Calculator on the Web

It seems every insurance related web site claims to have a calculator on their website. None of them do though. They just take your personal information and sell it to someone that will give you a quote. Now you’re back where you didn’t want to be in the first place. You’re getting a sales pitch for something that’s boring and confusing.

Every insurance company has a calculator like this available for their agents. Unfortunately, you can’t get access to their calculator.

That’s why we built this calculator. We think you should have one too. After all, transparency is a good thing. It also addresses the three points above:

  1. Getting a price estimate can now be fun. You can do it yourself and you can see what affects your price. That puts you at least partially in control of how much you pay.
  2. The confusion is eliminated because the calculator is easy and you see what about your lifestyle causes you to pay more.
  3. Maybe most importantly, you don’t get a sales pitch — from anyone.

You found a fair price. What about claims handling?

We grade companies based on the value they provide, how good they are at claims handling and the level of service they offer. It’s not a stretch to say we’re the only rating service in the industry that really knows the claims handling practices (quality) of insurance companies.

The reason we know how the rate companies for quality is because we’re a data analytics company and we use real data. We use data collected by insurance commissioners. All other rating systems use web reviews (often paid for) and user-surveys designed to make the companies with the biggest check books look the best. Not us. We’re all about transparency.

To get information on how good any company in the industry is, just get a free rating by clicking the button below. Start with the free rating and you have the option to add additional information during checkout.


Are you shopping for the best car insurance?

For shoppers that just want the best car insurance  and for shopping to be easy, we have the solution. ValChoice now lists the five best car insurance companies in each state. In fact, we do the same for home insurance. Click the buttons below to find the best companies in your state.


Find the Car Insurance Calculator for Your State

Click the links below for your state. Not only will the link take you to a page where you can find a customized version of the car insurance calculator for the state. We also list the 5 best car insurance companies in your state. Contact one of those companies if you want good insurance.

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