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It's finally possible to compare car insurance companies

How do I compare car insurance companies?


When buying a car consumers compare price, quality, warranty, service, and other key points. However, when buying insurance it’s difficult to compare car insurance companies. In fact, until now there was no good way to compare car insurance. Comparing car insurance wasn’t possible because data on insurance company performance wasn’t shared with consumers in a way that was easy to consume.

ValChoice makes comparing car insurance easy. Here’s a three step process. Start by getting free rating on your car insurance company. Knowing how your company rates will determine whether you need to continue, or if you’re with a great company. Just click the button below for a free rating on your car insurance company.


What Consumers Want to Know When Comparing Car Insurance

Consumers tell us they want to compare car insurance on the following points:

  • Price – is the price fair for the protection provided? Or, is the price a teaser rate until the next bill arrives?
  • Protection (claims payment history) – will the company stand behind their promise to protect?
  • Service – Which companies treat their customers the best?

ValChoice built the tools to enable consumers to compare car insurance companies across the three metrics described above. Follow our process below and you will find what you need to know.

How to Compare Car Insurance Prices

You already got your free rating. If your company scored well, and you’re happy with the price, there’s no reason to look for different insurance. However, if the company didn’t score well, you have two options: Talk to an agent or use ValChoice tools.

Using ValChoice Car Insurance Price Comparison Tool

Some car insurance shoppers don’t want to talk to another person. Maybe you don’t want to get a sales pitch. Maybe you just prefer to research this on your own. If that describes you, use the ValChoice car insurance calculator. Just click the button below to access our calculator.


Talk to an Agent

Conversely, some shoppers do want to talk to another person. Maybe you prefer to get someone more knowledgable about insurance involved in the process. To do that, just click the button below to find an agent. All agents listed on the ValChoice website represent great companies. We only allow agents to be listed with us if they represent award winning companies. Award winning companies are those that score a 68 or higher on their ValChoice rating. This represents the 20% best companies in the market.



Find the Best Quality Car Insurance

The final step is to find the best quality car insurance. ValChoice also makes this step easy. Go to our best car insurances pages by clicking the button below. One these pages we list the best companies by state. Choose any of these companies and you will be well protected.

The number of good companies per state varies dramatically. If you’re in a state with little competition, like Alaska, Hawaii, West Virginia or North Dakota, your options for good insurance are very limited. However, if you’re in a highly competitive state like Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, IdahoIllinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia or Washington your options are numerous.

Why wasn’t comparing car insurance possible until now?

We answer that question with another question. Who would share the information? Most people getting paid to sell insurance don’t have an incentive to provide the information. When it comes to consumer watch dogs, they focus on legislative and legal matters. These aren’t technology companies, they’re more like lobbyists. Then there are the ratings agencies. There are two types; financial ratings. They take their work seriously and do a good job. However, they don’t focus on customer service. Ratings for consumers. These companies focus on making sure the insurance companies with big advertising budgets sore well.

Yes, the industry needed a new type of ratings agency to get this information into the hands of consumers. ValChoice is that agency.

Note: Insurance companies do not pay ValChoice to rate them.


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