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Since 2000, home insurance prices have increased faster than what consumers pay for their health care. Our mission is to help you find the best coverage and protection at a fair price. We do not sell insurance or get paid on the sale of insurance. We’re here to look out for you, the consumer.


A Guide to Surviving The Holidays

A Guide to Surviving the Holidays – Nine Tips for Families

The winter holidays are a great time of year. While some may have read the title, “Surviving the Holidays,” and thought this article would focus on on not getting COVID between now and Christmas, it isn’t. No, we’re referring to keeping your family safe. Sadly, the holiday season is also one of the more dangerous […]

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Image from the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989 for the blog post on earthquake insurance

Do I need earthquake insurance? If so, how much?

  Many people buy earthquake insurance after an earthquake. In fact, unless you live on the shaking ground of California, few people buy earthquake insurance at all. Before deciding not to buy an earthquake policy you need to understand that your homeowners policy will not cover damage from an earthquake. September is national preparedness month. Through the […]

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Home Lightning Strikes

Does my home need a lightning rod to protect from lightning strikes?

  When lightning bolts shatter the night sky with flashes of light and the thunder booms, I often find myself wondering “do we need a lightning rod on our house? I suspect many others that live in areas prone to thunder and lightning storms ask themselves the same question. Therefore, we decided to look into […]

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Flood Insurance

10 Facts About Flood Insurance, Without Drowning in Details

  Hurricane Henri making landfall near New York City and travelled north. Next Ida slammed New Orleans. Finally, Larry made landfall all the way up in Newfoundland. With such a large geographic span of where hurricanes hit, you might be thinking that unless your in the middle of a California wildfire, you could need flood […]

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image for blog post on what to do before a tornado warning

How do I prepare for a tornado warning?

  A tornado warning usually comes with only one days warning. This means now is a good time to make sure both your home and your homeowners insurance are up to date. This post covers the steps to take to make sure you’re ready before the next tornado warning Start by getting a rating on […]

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