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The car insurance blog helps consumers easily find the best insurance. We share analytics and insights about car insurance coverage that’s best for you. Most importantly, we don’t sell insurance, or get paid on the sale of insurance. Our motivation is help consumers.

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How do I have the best fourth of July fireworks?

  Fourth of July. What a great holiday. Family, friends, good food and drink. However, if you’re like us, there won’t be as many people celebrating together due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, celebrating our freedom is important and not a holiday that will just slip by. Here in New Hampshire we take our freedom seriously. […]

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Will I save money by bundling home and auto Insurance?

  The advertisements claim hundreds of dollars of savings, just for auto insurance. Now the ads recommend you bundle home and auto insurance. Reportedly, the savings are even greater. Consumers know big insurance companies are marketing driven companies. So what can they believe? Should insurance be bundled? We break this down into the important elements […]

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Three Steps to Finding the Best Car Insurance Online

  The pandemic is driving lots of different types of shopping online. Most are pretty easy. Go online and place your order. If the wrong items are shipped, return them. Insurance isn’t difficult either. However, it’s hard to know if you got the wrong item. Therefore, we outline three easy steps to buying car insurance […]

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How much liability insurance do I need?

  The million dollar question. How much liability insurance do I need? Am I adequately protected? Alternatively, am I overprotected and I’m wasting money?  These are important questions. We make the answers easy. First, are you with a good insurance company? Hint, spending a lot on advertisements doesn’t mean they’re a good company. It only […]

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