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The car insurance blog helps consumers easily find the best insurance. We share analytics and insights about car insurance coverage that’s best for you. Most importantly, we don’t sell insurance, or get paid on the sale of insurance. Our motivation is help consumers.

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Will I save money by bundling home and auto Insurance?

  The advertisements claim hundreds of dollars of savings, just for auto insurance. Now the ads recommend you bundle home and auto insurance. Reportedly, the savings are even greater. Consumers know big insurance companies are marketing driven companies. So what can they believe? Should insurance be bundled? We break this down into the important elements […]

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Best Car Insurance in Florida

Now More Than Ever, You Need to Select Carriers Based on Value:  Claims Handling, Service and Price The best car insurance companies in the state of Florida aren’t your usual suspects. Instead of enormous advertising budgets, these companies make big efforts to deliver superior value — a combination of excellent claims handling and superior service […]

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