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The car insurance blog helps consumers easily find the best insurance. We share analytics and insights about car insurance coverage that’s best for you. Most importantly, we don’t sell insurance, or get paid on the sale of insurance. Our motivation is help consumers.

Buy Insurance Online

Should I buy insurance online?

  Our shopping lives are moving online. Does that mean it’s time to buy insurance online? At ValChoice, we rate every insurance company so you can get excellent protection, and a good price. Therefore, the answer to the question of whether to buy insurance online starts with a quality check. How well does the insurance […]

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Flood Insurance

10 Facts About Flood Insurance, Without Drowning in Details

  Hurricane Henri making landfall near New York City and travelled north. Next Ida slammed New Orleans. Finally, Larry made landfall all the way up in Newfoundland. With such a large geographic span of where hurricanes hit, you might be thinking that unless your in the middle of a California wildfire, you could need flood […]

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Image for blog post on National Preparedness Month

12 Risks to Prepare for During National Preparedness Month

  Were you prepared for this pandemic? You’re not alone. Nobody was. Hopefully we all learned a lesson. Nearly one and a half years into the pandemic, and September being National Preparedness Month (NPM), there’s no time to start preparing like now. The 2020 theme for National Preparedness Month is: Prepare to Protect. Preparing for […]

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Image for the "cheap car insurance" blog post

Is Cheap Car Insurance Worth The Price?

  Is there anyone that doesn’t want cheap car insurance? Saving money on car insurance is definitely a good thing. In an economy where prices on everything, except income, are rising fast, saving money is good. Cheap insurance doesn’t always mean bad insurance. Also, expensive insurance doesn’t always mean good insurance. Click the button below […]

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