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How do I find the best auto insurance company?


Has your family status changed? Did you get married, or have a child? Are you making more money than before? If so, just like health insurance needs change, you should also start a search to find the best auto insurance and best home insurance. Life and lifestyle changes have an affect on your insurance needs. We help you find the best auto insurance for your needs.

Just click the buttons below. We will show you the best auto and home insurance companies in your state. Best of all, the information is free.


Historically, many people only switched car insurance when the price increase was too much. Now that it’s possible to know which insurance companies are good, and which aren’t. This enables people to make better decisions about the insurance they buy. That means, now people can buy the insurance that best fits their needs.

Now There’s a Way to Find the Best Auto Insurance

The new way to find the best auto insurance is with analytics. The data that is now available on car insurance companies enables thorough analysis of how companies operate. When you buy food you can now know the major ingredients, calorie count, amount of sodium, etc. For many people, this has changed the way they buy food. For manufacturers of food, no longer can they offer a high price simply because they have good marketing. Now, companies must also offer a good product.

This same change is finally coming to the insurance industry as well. In the past, every company claimed to be excellent in their claims handling. Any company could say that because there was no reliable measure of how good they actually were. Similar to how you now know the sodium content of your food, you can also know the actual claims experience you can expect with an insurance company.

The Easy Way to Find the Best Auto Insurance

ValChoice offers easy-to-understand analytics that will let you know how any insurance company compares to all other companies. We can tell you how good a company is for claims handling, service and how they price. Those are the metrics consumers care about.

Many people think they have a good insurance company. However, they have no way of knowing because they never filed a large claim. If you think your company is good, get a free report by clicking the button below. It’s free.


If our analysis agrees that you’re with a great company. Tell a friend and recommend they switch to that company. If not, click the buttons below to find a better company.


ValChoice does not get paid to rate insurance companies. We rate every company in the industry, in each state where they do business. Check out our ratings in your state.

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