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How to Get Car Insurance For The First Time


Do you need to get car insurance for the first time? Where do you start? Are all insurance companies the same? How do you know if the price is fair? Do you choose based on their TV ads? At ValChoice, we make it easy. Here’s how.

Click the button below to find the  best car insurance companies in your state. After clicking on the state where you live, you’ll see a list of the five best car insurance companies. Feel free to contact these companies for your insurance needs.


Some Insurance Companies Don’t Want to Insure New Drivers

Drivers that have less experience are higher risk. Insurance companies react to high-risk drivers in different ways. Some companies don’t want high-risk drivers, at all. Others companies establish separate companies under the corporate umbrella focusing on high-risk drivers. A third category of insurance companies specializes in high-risk drivers.

Consumers have no way to know which insurance companies fit into each of these categories. Therefore, people don’t even know where to start just to get a quote. Unfortunately, most insurance companies won’t tell you the type of customer they are targeting. That can result in your ending up with a much higher price than you could get with another company.

Saving You Time and Money

We know which companies accept drivers based on experience level and driving record. Knowing this information, we can direct you to the best companies based both on where you live and your driving experience.

ValChoice is the only source for this information to the general public. We are independent because we do not have insurance companies as investors. We are unbiased because we do not sell insurance. Most importantly, we don’t get paid by companies when you buy insurance from them. This makes us unique. We’re unique because we are actually looking out for your best interests.

For first time drivers, click the button below. When you see the question “Do you have less than three years driving experience…”, select yes. We will present only companies that work with less experienced drivers.


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