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Since 2000, home insurance prices have increased faster than what consumers pay for their health care. Our mission is to help you find the best coverage and protection at a fair price. We do not sell insurance or get paid on the sale of insurance. We’re here to look out for you, the consumer.


car insurance protection and umbrella insurance

Should I buy umbrella insurance?

  Do you have liquid assets greater than the liability limit of your auto insurance or home insurance policy? If yes, you should have umbrella insurance. There are two reasons for this: The obvious point of protecting your assets. The less obvious point is to make sure your insurance company incentivized to protect you. You […]

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image for blog post on what to do before a tornado warning

How do I prepare for a tornado warning?

  A tornado warning usually comes with only one days warning. This means now is a good time to make sure both your home and your homeowners insurance are up to date. This post covers the steps to take to make sure you’re ready before the next tornado warning Start by getting a rating on […]

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Flood Insurance

10 Facts About Flood Insurance, Without Drowning in Details

  With hurricane Laura pounding the Texas and Louisiana coast line, now is a good time to update everyone on flood insurance. While hurricane Laura is a terrible tragedy, let’s try to bring some levity to this bad situation. We’ll do that by starting off with a true, but rarely stated point about flood insurance. Flood […]

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Image for blog post "How to get hurricane insurance without getting blown away."

How to Get Hurricane Insurance Without Being Blown Away

    With Hurricane Laura approaching the gulf coast, many homeowners are wondering if they need hurricane insurance. Knowing that insurance can be confusing, ValChoice set out to make hurricane insurance easy to understand. The confusion is often due to how deductibles are handled. In many states, the deductible for wind damage related claims increases when […]

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How to choose the right auto insurance company

  How do you make your insurance buying decision? If you’re like most people, you ask your friends and family, check a cost-comparison website and watch TV ads as a source for your short list. None of those sources provide a comprehensive view of how insurance companies handle claims and deliver service to their customers. […]

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Image for blog post on National Preparedness Month

12 Risks to Prepare for During National Preparedness Month

  There’s nothing like a pandemic to make us realize how important it is to be prepared. Five months into the pandemic, and September being National Preparedness Month (NPM), there’s no time to start preparing like now. The 2020 theme for National Preparedness Month is: Disasters Don’t Wait. Make a Plan Today. In support of […]

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Is my insurer good about paying Insurance claims?

  An insurance company that resists paying insurance claims is not an insurance company. Instead, they’re an investment firm that takes your premium dollars, invests the money  and pays the interest and dividends — on your money — to their investors. Unfortunately, many people buy insurance from investment firms. But how do you know if […]

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How much is homeowners insurance where I live?

  The cost of homeowners insurance varies significantly based on where you live. That’s why ValChoice built a home insurance calculator. Now anyone can find out what homeowners insurance should cost based on where they live. Click the button below to answer the question of how much is homeowners insurance? The ValChoice home insurance calculator […]

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