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Is now the time to change home insurance companies?


With prices rapidly increasing due to inflation, do you wonder if it’s time to change home insurance companies? If so, your next thoughts are probably wondering a) how hard it is to change companies and b) to which company you should switch. Let’s start with how difficult it is to change. It’s easy. In fact, any unused portion of what you’ve already paid will be refunded. That’s always the case with home and auto insurance. It’s the law that unused premium must be refunded.

For the question about whether it’s time to change, here’s our answer. If you’re thinking about this then at a minimum it’s time to check on the quality and value of the insurance for which you’ve been paying. That’s easy too. Just click the button below. In fact, while you’re at it, checkout both your auto and home insurance by clicking both buttons below. We will send you a free report on each.


Three Steps to Change Home Insurance Companies?

This three step process is easy peasy. Just do the following:

  1. Find out how good your current insurance company is. You may have already done that with the button above. If you’re with a good company, and have a fair price, there’s no reason to change. If you’re with a poorly graded company, it doesn’t matter what the price is. Change now. For most people their home is their most valuable asset. Everyone needs to make sure their most valuable asset is well protected.
  2. If the free report from step one is bad, now you know it’s time to change. ValChoice lists the best five companies in every state. Click to go to the best home insurance companies, then choose your state. All of these companies will provide excellent protection. By shopping more than one of them you will find out who also offers the best value.
  3. Now that you’ve found the best companies, use the ValChoice Find an Agent Service by clicking the link. Only insurance agents that represent the most highly rated companies are allowed to appear on our Find an Agent pages. This way you’re assured of getting the best insurance when you work with one of these insurance agents.

How Much Information do I Need to Provide to Switch Companies?

Surprisingly, you don’t need to provide much information at all. This is because insurance companies share a database on all consumers that buy insurance. The company already knows the car you drive, the home you own, who you bought insurance from in the past and all about insurance claims you filed recently.

Knowing this information is available to insurance companies, be sure not to mislead the new insurance company about anything. If they don’t already have all the details relevant to providing you insurance, they will soon. 2) For most companies you will only need to provide identification and some information about the property you want to insure. In many cases the insurance agent, or a contractor for the company, will then do an inspection to make sure everything is in order with the property. Yes, it’s really that easy to change home insurance companies.

Get a ValChoice Report on the New Insurance Company

ValChoice rates every company in the industry so you can know if they offer a good value, good claims handling and service. If you work through an agent found on the Find Insurance Agent pages, the agent can provide you a free ValChoice report on any company. Be sure to ask for this report. It’s the only way you can know how good the insurance company really is.

NOTE: ValChoice does not get paid by insurance companies for rating them.

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