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Ask around to find the best insurance

Should I ask around to find the best car and home insurance?

Advice to “ask around” is included in many articles and blog posts on how to shop for the best car and home insurance. However, asking around is pretty close to a waste of time. Therefore, at ValChoice we offer a better solution. To “ask around,” how many people would you have to ask? Let’s go straight […]

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tips for homeowners

How do I Have the Best Fourth of July Fireworks?

Fourth of July. What a great holiday. Family, friends, good food and drink. Celebrating our freedom is of course the reason for the fourth of July holiday. Here in New Hampshire we take our freedom seriously. Just how serious we are about freedom is best captured in our state slogan, “Live Free or Die.” Undoubtedly, being […]

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Affordable Car Insurance, what is it?

What does affordable car insurance mean?

Affordable car insurance, what is it? Is it the cheapest insurance? Until now, it was hard to measure car insurance other than based on the following three criteria: Price The entertainment value of the companies’ advertisements Which companies had the most memorable jingles That’s crazy. People buy cars based on performance, warranty and how the vehicle fits their lifestyle. People […]

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Car Insurance Prices Increasing Rapidly

Why are car insurance prices increasing so fast?

With car insurance prices increasing rapidly, many people are shopping for new insurance. But, when shopping for new insurance, consumers don’t know where to start. Finding new insurance is a bit like playing the lottery, you don’t know what you’ll get until it’s all over. Your money is gone, maybe you got some back, maybe you didn’t. Car […]

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