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ValChoice Wins Award

1st Place Winner in Social Venture Innovation Challenge

ValChoice was chosen by an esteemed panel of judges as the 1st place winner in the 2015 New Hampshire Social Venture Innovation Challenge (SVIC). The challenge engages entrepreneurs designing novel, sustainable, business-orientated solutions to some of society’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.

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The 1st place award was granted to ValChoice based on the company’s ability to help consumers choose the best insurance. For the first time, consumers will be able to buy insurance based on price, protection and service rather than blindly buying insurance based only on price and a TV ad. This is a big breakthrough in helping consumers get the protection they need and deserve, in particular, helping low-income people that have less ability to pay for insurance and that often pay higher prices in order to comply with laws mandating they have insurance.

From Stealth Mode to 1st Place

ValChoice has been a stealth mode startup company, developing the algorithms and infrastructure necessary to provide consumers of insurance insight into the value their insurance provides. This award is the beginning of a series of announcements the company will be making as it prepares to launch its insurance grading system.

When the ValChoice insurance grading service goes live, consumers will have access to insurance comparison information never before available. Click here to subscribe to a ValChoice mailing list so you can receive information about the soon to be launched ValChoice service.

The ValChoice Service

The ValChoice service will be available to both consumers and insurance agents. Insurance agents wanting to make sure their clients get the best insurance for the price they pay will become subscribers to the service. Subscriptions will be available to individual agents, or on a license basis to corporations wishing to enable their team of agents.

The SVIC Competition

The competition had over 70 entries with 1st place winners chosen from both the student and community tracks. ValChoice participated in the community track. Entry into the competition required a written submission and a short video. Final round participants made an in person presentation, followed by Questions and Answers from the esteemed panel of judges.

Click here to view the video submitted as part of the ValChoice application.


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