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Should I Change Insurance Companies?


There are two reasons to change insurance companies. The reason most people change is to save money. The other reason is to get better quality coverage. Surprisingly, better quality coverage is often almost the same price.  This post will show you how easy it is to change insurance companies.

An easy way to change insurance companies is to shop the best companies first. Click the button below to find the best car insurance and best home insurance companies in your state.


Importantly, ValChoice does not get paid on commission. Therefore, we don’t care if you change companies. There’s no reason to be intimidated by the thought of changing companies. ValChoice makes shopping for insurance easy.

Why Don’t People Change Insurance Companies?

Many consumers don’t want to change insurance companies because they think insurance is complicated. . At ValChoice, we believe insurance is unnecessarily complicated. Think about how easy it is to understand complicated products like TV’s, cars and smart phones. There’s no reason insurance can’t be equally easy. Instead, after more than 150 years of selling insurance, these agreements are still nearly impossible to understand.

Technology items are easy to use because technology companies are competing for your business based on making their products simple to understand and use. These companies show how great their products are with product comparisons and competitive analysis.

Historically, insurance has not been sold based on competitive analysis and clear descriptions. When there’s a competitive analysis done, it typically only includes price and possibly coverage. Instead, relationships were more of a factor in selling insurance. However, that’s all changing.

Here’s Why You Should Consider Changing Insurance Companies

Prices for insurance are going up faster than income and most other items people buy. Car insurance prices are going up faster than the price of a new car or the price of repairing a car. Car insurance prices are even going up faster than a visit to a doctor. Home insurance prices are going up much, much faster than car insurance prices. You already know how fast health insurance prices are going up.

Do you have assets (house, retirement account, savings)? If so, you need to consider which insurance companies are good about paying claims as part of the selection process. Fortunately, it’s now easy to know which companies are the best.

We show which companies are the best. ValChoice defines “best” as: a fair price, excellent claims handling and good service. Importantly, this information is easily accessible. Start by getting a free rating on your insurance company. Just click the button below for a free rating on your insurance company.


If they rate well, stay with them and tell a friend. If they don’t rate well, go to this listing of the five best car insurance companies in your state. Shop your business with these companies.


Note: ValChoice does not receive any form of compensation from insurance companies for grading them. We rely solely on data collected by state departments of insurance and other high quality data sources to grade companies. Therefore, we use only the highest quality data available to determine whether companies are a good option from which to buy car insurance and home insurance.

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