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When to go shopping for new car insurance

How Often Should I Shop for New Car insurance?


Remember the news stories about rebates car insurance companies offered during the pandemic? Some people used the fact they weren’t driving as a reason to shop for new car insurance. However, not that many shopped their insurance. If that includes you, now you may be wondering ‘should I be shopping my insurance?’ The next question is likely, “where do I start?”

How to Start Shopping for New Car Insurance

How to start shopping is a good question. Not to sound agist, but you’re approach this is very likely directly related to your age. Here’s an opportunity to gauge your age by how you shop:

  • Young – you go online on a cell phone
  • Medium – Online on a desktop computer, email or possibly use the phone
  • Older – Phone or possibly email

All of those approaches are fine. They all work. However, there’s one step where almost every shopper gets it wrong. They start by looking for the best price. There need to be two starting criteria. Price and quality.

The reason people don’t shop for quality is that until now, quality information wasn’t available. Now it is, and it’s reliable. Just click the button below to find the best insurance companies in your state. Companies are graded by claims handling (in reality that’s the most important factor), service and value.


Now that you know the best companies, contact them for a quote. In the case your existing company is listed as one of the best, there’s little reason to continue shopping

Good News! Big Data Gives Consumers the Power They Deserve

Consumers can impact the price of insurance. Here’s how:

  1. Take advantage of the recently available free information showing how insurance companies perform for price, protection (history of paying claims) and service.
  2. If your company isn’t well above average, change companies
  3. If the new company raises prices faster than the rest of the industry, change again

When consumers start changing insurance companies and switching to the best companies, insurers will find ways to control costs and improve service.

Back to the Question of How Often to Shop for New Car Insurance

With the information ValChoice makes available, you know when it’s time to get new car insurance. If you’re wondering if the price has gone up too much, use our car insurance calculator. Just click the button below to access the calculator.


If you prefer not to think about insurance, we will do the thinking for you. Simply go to the page where we show you the best car insurance companies in your state. These are excellent companies. You can contact any of these companies to find out if they can help you with your insurance needs.


Finally, insurance shopping is easy and painless.

Note: ValChoice does not receive any form of compensation from insurance companies for grading them. We rely solely on data collected by state departments of insurance and other high quality data sources to grade companies.


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