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3 Reasons Drivers Don’t Shop for Lower Priced Car Insurance


We shop for lower prices on milk, paper towels, clothing, almost everything. When was the last time you shopped for lower priced car insurance? Even though most families can save $350 on their car insurance, if you’re like most people, you haven’t shopped for better or lower priced car insurance in years.

Want to save money? Use our car insurance calculator. Last week Roy contacted me and said he saved $1,440 per year, using our car insurance calculator. You can also save. We can’t guarantee it will be $1,440, but it can likely be a lot.  Just click the button below.


Here’s Why Most of us Don’t Shop for Lower Priced Car Insurance

  1. Drivers don’t realize that on average families can save $350 per year
  2. Shopping for insurance is not fun
  3. How can drivers know where to start when shopping for better insurance

It hardly makes sense to randomly start calling sales people, giving personal information and hoping to get a better price. Even worse, you have no way of knowing if that insurance is going to be better or worse than what you already have.

It’s hard to believe that consumers spend $265 billion per year on car insurance, yet there’s little transparency into how insurance companies perform. ValChoice has changed that. We use high-quality data to show how well insurance companies perform. We also have calculators so consumers can know if they’re getting a fair price.

Finding Lower Priced Car Insurance is Easier Than You Think

ValChoice took all the issues into consideration and is making shopping for the best car insurance easy. This is especially important in this new era when many of us are not driving our cars. ValChoice now names the five best car insurance companies in every state. Just click the button below to find the best car insurance companies in your state.


You are free to contact any of these companies. In some cases we have contacts at those companies and can make a direct connection through our website. We aim to expand the number of contacts we have to make this even easier for consumers. If your state is not yet listed, check back soon. We are regularly announcing the best 5 car insurance companies in more states.

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