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Is cheap car insurance easier to get if I’m married?


Are you considering getting married? If so, you may have a list of reasons for making this lifestyle change. Is getting cheap car insurance one of your reasons? We will guess ‘probably not.’ However, it could be. Yes, married people actually pay less for car insurance than single people pay.

Getting married changes peoples lives in multiple ways, including financially. Be sure to do an insurance review. Don’t assume the insurance you had when single is sufficient once married. A good way to start an insurance review is to get a rating on your current insurance company. How good are they? Now you can know with ValChoice analytics. Just click the button below.


Video on How Being Married Helps to Get Cheap Car Insurance

How much money can I save?

Insurance industry data shows that married people are lower risk drivers. Therefore, it’s easier for married people to get cheap car insurance. The ValChoice car insurance calculator gives an estimate of the savings for being married. Conversely, the calculator will show you the increase for being single. Simply click the image below to go to the calculator.

The ValChoice calculator shows the difference in price of cheap car insurance for a married couple vs. single people

Use the radio buttons inside the red box to select marital status

Once you see the calculator, start entering your data. The second screen (shown above) will ask your marital status. To calculate the savings of your cheap car insurance, be sure to do this twice. Once for each spouse. Next, add the savings from each person to get the total savings. Importantly, this discount applies to all car insurance, not just cheap car insurance.

The savings won’t make you rich. However, it will probably buy the newlyweds a nice dinner when you feel like getting out of the house for a while. Click the button below to go to the car insurance.


I Need Help Finding Cheap Car Insurance

Some people don’t wish to better understand their insurance. That’s okay. We fully understand not wanting to geek out on insurance. If that describes you, we have a solution for how to get the best insurance, at a fair price, without spending time researching the details. ValChoice has a listing of insurance agents. We only allow agents that represent the most highly rated companies to participate in this listing. Also, every agent in our list has access to ValChoice tools so they can provide you ValChoice ratings on any company. Click the button below to find an agent that can help with your insurance.


About the ValChoice Car Insurance Calculator

ValChoice focuses on helping people with insurance by delivering transparency into what has been an opaque industry. After doing a detailed analysis of insurance prices, we found the price variations to be extreme. Shockingly, comparing the exact same coverage, person, car, etc across different insurance companies can result in a 10x difference in price. Across seven common scenarios we tested, we found an average of an 5x difference.

We immediately recognized that consumers need a fair, unbiased, free service that lets them know what is a fair price for insurance. That’s what our car insurance calculator does. Try it out. Tell a friend about it.

ValChoice Ratings

ValChoice analyzes every car and home insurance company in the U.S. Once there’s enough history available to judge their performance, we publish the ratings. Companies do not pay us to rate them. We rate companies (all companies) as a service to consumers. After all, no matter what the price of your insurance, if they won’t pay a legitimate claim, it was a waste of money.


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