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Is my insurer good about paying Insurance claims?


An insurance company that resists paying insurance claims is not an insurance company. Instead, they’re an investment firm that takes your premium dollars, invests the money  and pays the interest and dividends — on your money — to their investors.

Unfortunately, many people buy insurance from what ValChoice considers to be “investment firms.” But, how can you know if a company that sells insurance is actually an investment firm or an insurance company? Actually, it’s easy. We grade every auto insurance company and every homeowners insurance company in the industry. Get a rating on your insurance company by clicking the button below. If they score well, you’re with a good insurance company. If they score poorly, you need to switch to a good insurance company.


Finding companies that are good about paying insurance claims

Another approach, look at the advertisements. Do they talk more about saving you money than how well they protect you? If so, that’s a clue. When we talk to executives for insurers that are the best about paying insurance claims, what’s on their mind is offering a great product. They know they need to be price competitive. They also know that price isn’t everything.

ValChoice rates all of these companies for the value they provide, how well they perform when paying insurance claims and their overall level of service. Most importantly, we use high-quality data. We don’t use any user survey questions or online reviews. The reason we don’t use these methods is that they are notoriously u unreliable. Instead, all the data we used has been collected and reviewed by state departments of insurance.

ValChoice makes this information easily accessible to consumers by publishing the names of the best insurance companies in each state. If the rating you got on your insurance company above wasn’t good, click the buttons below to find the companies that are best about paying claims where you live.


Some shoppers prefer to find the best insurance agent near them

in the interest of helping all types of shoppers, some shoppers just want to contact an insurance agent that can help them. ValChoice is the only online site that exclusively lists only agents that represent the best insurance companies. Agents that do not represent companies that score equal to or above the gauge shown below are not allowed to use ValChoice tools and be listed on our website.

ValChoice fuel-gauge-style image for the minimum score to be an award winning company, a best insurance company

To find agents that represent companies that score at this level or above, click the Find an Agent button below.


But price is also important to me

Most shoppers care about value. However, until ValChoice came along, understanding the value of insurance was difficult. The reason, nobody presented reliable information on how good the claims handling service was. Some insurance companies took advantage of that fact. Actually, they still do.

At ValChoice, we agree that price is important. We also regularly say, it doesn’t matter how cheap it was, if the company won’t pay your insurance claims, it was a waste of money.

To help consumers determine what is a fair price, and what they can do to save money, we’ve built insurance price calculators. Check out our calculators by clicking the buttons below.

Note: ValChoice does is not paid by insurance companies to rate them. Hence, unlike some rating systems, we are not pay-to-play. We rate companies using high-quality data so you can know which companies offer the best service and perform best in honoring their promise to protect you and your family.

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