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Car Insurance Prices Increasing Due to Distracted Driving

Is distracted driving the reason car insurance prices are increasing?


Car insurance prices are skyrocketing. A commonly cited reason is distracted driving. Here at ValChoice, we tend to be skeptical of simple explanations, so we took a look into the data. Here’s what we found.

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Indeed, it’s true. Distracted driving is a significant contributor to the rapidly increasing car insurance prices. It’s not the only cause, but it’s a major one. Here’s a summary of our analysis.

Changes in Miles Driven Compared to Injuries From Distracted Driving

From 2011 to 2015, the increase in the twelve-month moving average for passenger car miles driven was 7.8%. This increase in the number of miles driven leads to more accidents. Let’s compare that increase in miles driven to the increase in accidents.

During the same time, the increase in injuries sustained in accidents that did not include distracted driving was only 1%. This is an indication of an overall improvement in safety. However, the increase over the same period of time in injuries from accidents that included distracted driving was more than 10.2%. Assuming safety improvement applies equally to distracted and non-distracted driving accidents, this is a more than 10x increase in injuries when distracted driving is involved.

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Other Significant Factors Affecting Car Insurance Prices

More miles driven also contributes. Without a doubt, more cars on the road leads to more accidents. Another important factor is the cost of repairing cars is increasing. The many safety features that are helping keep passengers safe also lead to higher repair costs.

What Consumers Can Do

First, don’t drive distracted. Second, don’t let friends drive distracted. Third, if you’re a safe driver, make sure you’re with an insurance company that specializes in low risk drivers. This is important because any company that includes high risk drivers in the risk pool will have to spread the cost of those poor drivers across all policyholders. This means you can save money and get better protection by making sure you’re properly placed with the right type of insurance company. This is easy to do. Simply click the button below to get a free car insurance rating that compares your company to one of the best in the state.


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