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Infographic - more insurance companies does not translate to more competition and may not result in either cheap insurance or more affordable insurance

ValChoice Fact Checks Donald Trump’s Plan on Insurance

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Selling Across State Lines Not Likely to Drive Down Costs or Help Consumers

BEDFORD, NH – February 25, 2016 – ValChoice®, the only analytics company for consumers of insurance, today announced a new market analysis report challenging the insurance claims by Donald Trump that selling across state lines will create more competition, thereby driving down costs and helping middle and lower income families. The ValChoice analysis identifies the possible negative consequences consumers could experience if carriers begin selling across state lines and recommends the best approaches for creating competition and driving down the cost of insurance for consumers.

“Unlike other industries in America, adding more providers of insurance does not necessarily translate into more competition and lower prices,” said Dan Karr, CEO of ValChoice. “The problem with insurance is a lack of transparency into claims payment practices and financial data. If consumers had this, they could make informed decisions and create the desired competition that results in insurance companies competing based on the quality of their product.”

To access the full ValChoice market report, click the linkFact Checking Donald Trump’s Plan on Insurance.” 

About ValChoice

ValChoice® is the only company to provide consumers, agents and advisors with information on which home and auto insurance companies offer the best value: price, protection and service.  The company’s analytics platform collects and analyzes over 1.5 million financial and complaint data points and delivers the results in an easy-to-use service that Forbes Magazine describe as “Carfax for insurance.” Using ValChoice, consumers are finally able to shop for insurance based on value rather than making decisions blindly based on price or advertising campaigns.



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Infographic - Donald Trump's plan for insurance; selling across state lines does not translate into cheap insurance

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