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Image for blog post on how to prepare for summer storms

How do I prepare for summer storms?

  Summer storms aren’t a concern only for homeowners. Auto owners also need to be ready for summer storms. Progressive proved that point by reviewing its 2013 claims data and found 30 percent of wind and flood claims for the entire year occurred in June and July. Want to know what home and auto insurance should cost? […]

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Will I save money by bundling home and auto Insurance?

  The advertisements claim hundreds of dollars of savings, just for auto insurance. Now the ads recommend you bundle home and auto insurance. Reportedly, the savings are even greater. Consumers know big insurance companies are marketing driven companies. So what can they believe? Should insurance be bundled? We break this down into the important elements […]

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Image for blog post on whose car insurance should pay

Whose car insurance should pay?

  Accidents – fender-benders or worse – are unfortunate. The costs can be extreme. Costs include repairing cars, medical bills, lost wages, etc. The question most drivers have in this situation is “whose car insurance should pay?” Before we answer that question, find out if you’re getting a fair price on your insurance? Use our […]

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