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car insurance protection and umbrella insurance

Should I buy umbrella insurance?

  Do you have liquid assets greater than the liability limit of your auto insurance or home insurance policy? If yes, you should have umbrella insurance. There are two reasons for this: The obvious point of protecting your assets. The less obvious point is to make sure your insurance company incentivized to protect you. You […]

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How much is the best homeowner insurance?

  For most families, their home is their most valuable asset. However, we all have many demands for the precious dollars we have to spend each month. Therefore, it’s tempting to limit the amount of coverage on our home in order to keep the price down. Alternatively, some homeowners simply shop based on price, giving their […]

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Will I save money by bundling home and auto Insurance?

  The advertisements claim hundreds of dollars of savings, just for auto insurance. Now the ads recommend you bundle home and auto insurance. Reportedly, the savings are even greater. Consumers know big insurance companies are marketing driven companies. So what can they believe? Should insurance be bundled? We break this down into the important elements […]

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