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Video image for ValChoice video on what does commuting to work really cost?

What is the best car insurance for people that commute?


Commuters put a lot of miles on their cars. Many commuters end up in heavy traffic where accidents are common. That’s why commuters want to find the best car insurance for their needs.  Read on to found out how.

How do I find the best car insurance for a commuter?

The ValChoice car insurance calculator is interactive. Click on the image below to get started. You will immediately see the calculations change as you enter data. Go to the page in the calculator shown in the image below and select the different commuting options. At the top of the screen you will see the calculations update.

Calculator screenshot showing how to determine the impact of commuting on car insurance price and help you find the best car insurance

The top box in red is where you enter how far you commute to work. The lower box in red is for annual mileage

Radio buttons let you select whether you commute more or less than 15 miles per day. However, this is only part of the information needed to determine the impact commuting has on your car insurance price. You also need to use the scroll wheel to select the annual miles you drive.

How much would I save if I worked from home?

It’s easy to figure out how much you would save on car insurance by working at home. Remember the numbers from the calculation you just did. Now change the radio buttons to select driving “For Pleasure.” Also, reduce the miles driven per year figure by the amount you save by not commuting. Subtract this new total from the prior total and that’s you insurance savings. Don’t forget to take the reduce mileage and multiply by $0.55 per mile. That will tell you the savings from operating the vehicle when driving fewer miles.

The ValChoice Car Insurance Calculator

ValChoice is focused on helping people with insurance by delivering transparency into what has been an opaque industry. After doing a detailed analysis of insurance prices, we found the price variations to be extreme. Shockingly, comparing the exact same coverage, person, car, etc across different insurance companies can result in a 20x difference in price. Across seven common scenarios we tested, we found an average of an 8x difference.

We immediately recognized that consumers need a fair, unbiased, free service that lets them know what is a fair price for insurance. That’s what our car insurance calculator does. Try it out. Tell a friend about it.

The ValChoice Video Education Series

In addition to the car insurance calculator, ValChoice produced a series of educational videos. You can find them free-of-charge on the ValChoice Youtube channel. Here’s the specific on how commuting to work impacts the cost of car insurance.

Hopefully, this helps you make a more informed insurance buying decision.


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