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When do car insurance prices increase the fastest?


Is your car insurance renewing before the next big price increase? We used 19 years of data to analyze how cyclical car insurance prices are and found that late summer and fall are the best time to lock in a new price. Additionally, the industry has been undergoing rapid price increases. Taking action early could help you save money, at least for the next year.

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Car Insurance Prices Increase the Fastest in the Winter and Spring

We analyzed monthly car insurance price data from June 1998 through June 2017. Here’s how each month compared

  • May and June had the highest rate of increase
  • January, February and April had the second highest rate of increase
  • December and March had the third and fourth highest rate of increase
  • July, August, September, October and November had the least increase

The increase was measured year over year. Ranking the months was based on how much the price increase averaged over the 19 year period.

3 Reasons Why Now is the Right Time to Shop for New Car Insurance

Now is a good time to shop for new car insurance for a few reasons. First, car insurance prices are currently increasing rapidly. It’s smart to lock in a one-year rate now before prices increase even more. Second, as shown in the monthly analysis, when December rolls around, prices can be expected to continue the rapid increase all the way to mid next year. Third, now there are tools that help consumers find the best insurance from independent, unbiased third parties. Data like this is important to shoppers and has never before been available.

Knowing How Good Your Insurance Company is, is Easy

Start by finding out how good the car insurance you currently have is. We offer a free rating to every consumer so you can know this information, at no cost to you. Just click the button below, enter your state, your insurance company and an email address to which we can to send the rating. Within one minute you will have a rating showing how good the company is compared to all other companies.

We don’t take any money for insurance companies to offer this service. Our service and our analysis is truly independent and unbiased. We also use the best data in the industry. The data is collected by state departments of insurance.

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We Make Shopping Easy

If you didn’t like what yo learned with the free report, or you just want more information to make a decision, you can get our comparison rating. This report will compare your current insurance with the best insurance companies in your state. Then you know where to shop, and can shop with confidence that you are getting the best insurance at a fair price.


Data source: Federal Reserve Board.

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