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Publicly Owned Vehicles

Do You Know How Many Publicly Owned Vehicles There Are?


There are a large number of publicly owned vehicles on the roads throughout the country. In total, more than four million. Nationwide, that translates into one in every 65 vehicles being publicly owned.

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The Highest Percentage of Publicly Owned Vehicles is in Washington D.C.

The variation in the number of publicly owned vehicles is highest in Washington D.C. where one of every nine vehicles is publicly owned. At the other end of the spectrum is Connecticut with only one in every 450 vehicles. Below is a listing of how many vehicles are publicly owned in each state. See the table below to find out about your state:

  • Alabama, one in every 128
  • Alaska, one in every 37
  • Arizona, one in every 80
  • Arkansas, one in every 55
  • California, one in every 51
  • Colorado, one in every 93
  • Connecticut, one in every 450
  • Delaware, one in every 125
  • District of Columbia, one in every nine
  • Florida, one in every 59
  • Georgia, one in every 50
  • Hawaii, one in every 52
  • Idaho, one in every 174
  • Illinois, one in every 107
  • Indiana, one in every 240
  • Iowa, one in every 89
  • Kansas, one in every 72
  • Kentucky, one in every 45
  • Louisiana, one in every 45
  • Maine, one in every 72
  • Maryland, one in every 55
  • Massachusetts, one in every 87
  • Michigan, one in every 108
  • Minnesota, one in every 100
  • Mississippi, one in every 125
  • Missouri, one in every 94
  • Montana, one in every 223
  • Nebraska, one in every 45
  • Nevada, one in every 91
  • New Hampshire, one in every 97
  • New Jersey, one in every 65
  • New Mexico, one in every 59
  • New York, one in every 81
  • North Carolina, one in every 58
  • North Dakota, one in every 46
  • Ohio, one in every 89
  • Oklahoma, one in every 126
  • Oregon, one in every 47
  • Pennsylvania, one in every 86
  • Rhode Island, one in every 56
  • South Carolina, one in every 28
  • South Dakota, one in every 38
  • Tennessee, one in every 37
  • Texas, one in every 69
  • Utah, one in every 59
  • Vermont, one in every 71
  • Virginia, one in every 52
  • Washington, one in every 36
  • West Virginia, one in every 38
  • Wisconsin, one in every 63
  • Wyoming, one in every 174

The U.S. Average for Number of Publicly Owned Vehicles is One in 65

The variation around the average is interesting by virtue of the fact that the difference is extreme. While we have not studied the numbers in detail, there is no obvious correlation with more public vehicles in locations where population densities are higher or lower or weather is mild or extreme.

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