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How much does car insurance cost?


People often wonder, how much does car insurance cost? It should be easy to find out how much car insurance costs, right? After all, nearly 250 million cars are insured every year in the U.S. That’s a lot of cars and that’s a lot of people buying car insurance. Nevertheless, it’s still hard to know what a fair price is for car insurance. We have a solution for you. Click the button below to find the average price of car insurance in your neighborhood.


Simply enter the address and zip code where your car is typically parked at night. We can then tell you the average price of car insurance for your address. You can then customize that based on your personal situation.

How much does car insurance cost if…?

Life changes fast. And with nearly every change your car insurance price changes too. In fact, even when life doesn’t change, your car insurance price still changes. Most people wonder, “Are these changes fair or justified? To answer the questions of how much is car insurance and is my price fair, consumers need a calculator. Savvy consumers can lookup or calculate the price of almost anything. Not car insurance. ValChoice has changed that.

Yes, we remove the mystery of how car insurance is priced. Below are some example scenarios that the car insurance calculator will help with:

  • Buying a different car
  • Adding a driver
  • Moving to a different home
  • Had an accident
  • Got a ticket
  • What’s cheaper: three drivers for two cars or three drivers for three cars?
  • Getting married
  • Getting older
  • Park in a garage
  • Rent vs own a home
  • Having good credit vs. medium or bad credit
  • Quarantined due to a pandemic — ha, that would never happen 🙁
  • etc.

There are many factors that impact car insurance prices. In fact, there are so many factors that it can be hard to comparison shop.

The Challenge With Comparison Shopping

There are a multiple challenges when comparison shopping car insurance:

  1. Inertia – Most people don’t want to think about insurance, let alone shop for insurance.
  2. Being sold to – Many people are reluctant to engage in sales conversations, particularly for a product you don’t want to begin with. That can be intimidating.
  3. Confusion – Why does insurance need to be so hard to understand?
  4. Lack of options – While there are many insurance companies, most sales representatives only represent one. that means the shopper needs to talk to several different sales representatives.

We Solved All These Problems

ValChoice built a car insurance calculator. Now you can find a fair price from the comfort of your favorite chair, without talking to anyone. In the process of building the car insurance calculator we analyzed how many companies handle pricing. The results were shocking. We found that the exact same person, at the same address, same car, same driving record…everything identical, can pay more than 10x more with some companies than with others. On average, across several different scenarios, the price difference is 5x. That’s crazy.

This extreme difference in price is an indication of two things: 1) people are not shopping their insurance as often as they should and 2) they probably don’t understand what they’re buying. This greatly benefits the industry because they can overcharge a large number of customers, increasing their overall profitability, at your expense.

The ValChoice Car Insurance Calculator

ValChoice has been on a mission for years to help consumers get reliable, unbiased, free services that helps them buy insurance. That’s our calculator. Try it out. Then tell a friend about it.

Image of the ValChoice Car Insurance Calculator


What should car insurance cost is the million dollar question.  GEICO says give us 15-minutes and save 15%. Progressive says save $7xx. Liberty Mutual says only pay for what you need, Allstate says you can have accident forgiveness (they don’t say that gives you the opportunity to pay for an accident that hasn’t yet happened, and may never happen), and the list goes on.

What each of these statements has in common as that they are central to advertising campaigns. Translation: take these statements with a grain of salt.

How much is car insurance? Want to know a fair price? Find out an average price for your situation: where you live, your driving record, etc., using the car insurance calculator. It’s free. Just click the button below. While you’re at it, check out your home insurance too.


Do you prefer to do this the easy way?

ValChoice publishes the best insurance companies in every state. All you have to do is click the link then choose your state. If you own a home, but sure to check out the best home insurance companies separately. just because a company does a good job with one type of insurance doesn’t mean they are equally good at all types of insurance.


Not Sure if it’s Time to Change Companies

Find out if the insurance company you currently have is any good. This is easy to do. First, ignore their ads. Those are meaningless. In fact, that’s your money being spent  to attract other customers rather than to protect you. Instead, get a car insurance rating. We’ll show you whether the company is good or bad. If they’re good, tell a friend. if they’re bad, switch companies. While you’re at it, check out your home insurance too.


ValChoice analyzes every car and home insurance company in the industry. We publish ratings on companies that have enough history of doing business to properly characterize their performance. All data used is the highest quality data available, coming only from the insurance industry. ValChoice does not use any of the inherently unreliable data sources such as user surveys or online reviews.

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