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How Many Car Insurance Quotes Should I Get?


Are you a price shopper or a quality and value shopper? If you’re a price shopper, get as many car insurance quotes as you have time for. If you’re a quality or price shopper, shopping is easier than it is for price shoppers. Check out our best insurance company pages and shop with those companies. To find the best insurance companies in your state, click the button below.


Why do Price Shoppers Need to Get More Car Insurance Quotes?

Prices of insurance vary more than the prices of most consumer items. Therefore, more quotes become necessary to find the cheapest insurance.

A word of warning though. Make sure you’re comparing equivalent coverage. If the coverage isn’t the same, different prices are meaningless. Let’s put this into perspective with a comparison to home remodeling. If one contractor quotes a kitchen remodel and the other quotes a kitchen and a bathroom remodel, the kitchen remodel only will likely be a lower price. That doesn’t mean that contractor is lower priced. It simply means they quoted less work.

Insurance is the same. Less coverage (work in the remodel case) cost less.

Quality and Value Shoppers vs. Price Only Shoppers

Most people shop based on a combination of quality and price. Also known as value. Historically, insurance shoppers have shopped only based on prices for the reason that there was no quality metric available.

That’s changed. ValChoice provides a quality metric for auto and home insurance. Shopping is now easier for value and quality shoppers than it is for price shoppers. The reason this is true is that ValChoice rates nearly every insurance company in the industry. Importantly, we publish a list of the best companies. Start by getting a rating on your insurance company. If they are graded well by ValChoice, you’re with a good company. Click the buttons below for a rating on your auto or home insurance company.


How Well Did Your Insurance Company Score?

If your insurance company scored well on the free rating, stay with them. If not, you need a new insurance company. Start by checking out our list of the best insurance companies in your state. With that list in hand, shop for insurance with those companies. To find the best companies in your state, click the buttons below.


What You Need to Know About Insurance

Most consumers think good insurance is expensive. Actually, good insurance and bad insurance are often priced similarly. Importantly, don’t assume high priced insurance is good insurance. After years of rating nearly every company in the industry, we know there are a number of bad insurance companies that price their product high so consumers will think it’s good. Also, don’t believe the reviews you see online. They are often wrong.

About ValChoice

Note: ValChoice does not receive any form of compensation from insurance companies for presenting them as a good option in our car and home insurance reports. Our analysis is completely independent of the industry.

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