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New Hampshire Start Up Challenge 1st Place Winner. Prize total equaled $60,550.

Startup Challenge 1st Place Winner

ValChoice won more than $60,000 of cash and in-kind services after being chosen by an esteemed panel of judges as the New Hampshire startup challenge 1st place winner. The challenge was a three month competition open to all new businesses based in New Hampshire. Winning the competition makes ValChoice the winner of two New Hampshire startup competitions in only the last six months.

The 1st place award was given to ValChoice after judges reviewed a written application, a public presentation, a private Question and Answer session with judges, and a final public presentation. In total, this three month contest started with over 40 applications and ended with only four finalists. ValChoice emerged from this exciting competition as the best startup business in New Hampshire.

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Startup Challenge 1st Place Winner, Again

Following closely on the heels of ValChoice winning the New Hampshire Social Venture Innovation Challenge in November of 2015 and being chosen as one of six companies for the Accelerate New Hampshire startup accelerator run by Alpha Loft, ValChoice is establishing an impressive winning streak. The next step is to bring the ValChoice winning streak to consumers of insurance, enabling insurance consumers to finally know which companies price fairly, provide the protection (claims payment) consumers deserve and the service they expect. This will be a big win for consumers, finally able to buy the best insurance products based on analytics, rather than based on billion dollar advertising budgets.

The ValChoice Service

ValChoice® is the first and only company that provides consumers, agents and advisors with information on which auto, health and home insurance companies offer the best price, protection and service.  The company’s advanced analytics platform collects and analyzes millions of data points covering financial information and complaint data and delivers the results in an easy-to-use service that Forbes Magazine describes as “Carfax for insurance.”  Using ValChoice, consumers are finally able to shop for insurance based on value rather than making decisions blindly based on price or advertising campaigns featuring talking animals and catchy jingles. Knowing this information before an accident occurs can save Americans their retirement, college fund, savings account, and more.

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