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Infographic - more insurance companies does not translate to more competition and may not result in either cheap insurance or more affordable insurance

Why Trump’s Affordable Insurance Plan Won’t Work

With the price increases of insurance far outpacing increases in the cost of living, the cost of insurance that consumers are required to buy (auto, home and health) is rapidly increasing as a percentage of the monthly budget. Unfortunately, consumers have no good options for addressing the problem of needing affordable insurance.

Trump’s Idea for Affordable Insurance

Donald Trump has a plan for these frustrated consumers. Trump’s proposal is to let insurance companies sell across state lines. Selling across state lines is different from the current law where insurance is regulated by each state and insurance companies must be licensed in each state where they do business.

This post on why Trump’s plan for affordable insurance won’t work was first posted on the Huffington Post. Click here to go to the Huffington Post to read the rest… 


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