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Three Steps to Finding the Best Car Insurance Online


The pandemic is driving lots of different types of shopping online. Most are pretty easy. Go online and place your order. If the wrong items are shipped, return them. Insurance isn’t difficult either. However, it’s hard to know if you got the wrong item. Therefore, we outline three easy steps to buying car insurance online.

First, want to know how good your insurance company is? It’s easy. Just click the button below.


1) What not to do When Buying Car Insurance Online

The most important point to remember from this post is what not do to when buying car insurance online. Don’t listen to an ad, then call or log onto that companies website and buy their insurance. Just because a company spends billions of dollars advertising does not mean they offer good insurance. In fact, it’s often just the opposite. All the money they spend advertising is money they cannot use for insurance. It was already spent on advertisements. Do you want to buy insurance from an advertising company or from an insurance company?

2) Find a Fair Price Before Shopping for Car Insurance Online

Much of the billions of dollars spent on advertising talks about price. From the ads, it seems price is all that matters. It’s not. After all, no matter how cheap the insurance, insurance that won’t pay a claim was a waste of money.

Nevertheless, starting with understanding what is a fair price is a fine way to start. Better yet, it’s easy to do. That’s why we built the car insurance price estimator. Our calculator shows you how insurance is priced and what’s a fair price for you. it also shows which items you can control in order to get a better price.

Click the button below to use the ValChoice car insurance calculator.


3) Get Quotes From the Best Insurance Companies

We list the five best insurance companies in every state. Now that you know what’s a fair price. Next, contact those companies and decide which is the best fit for you.


Optional) For Extra Credit, Get Ratings on Some of the Companies you Know

Some people are curious how good the companies they see and hear advertising all the time actually are. That’s easy to know too. We grade every insurance. company in the market, by state in which they operate. Click the button below to order a free rating on any insurance company.


ValChoice Ratings are Different Than Other Ratings

Insurance company ratings usually have one of two characteristics.

User Surveys

The user surveys are done by companies that typically charge the insurance company to perform the survey. The questions are crafted, and targeted to the right people, to make sure the results are something the insurance company will buy rights to and use in their advertising.  The scale used is often 0 – 1000 points. Surprisingly, every company scores between 820 and 880, indicating there is no such thing as a below average insurance company. This approach is only used to rate the big companies with big advertising budgets. All companies score well, particularly if they buy rights to the surveys, so the company doing the surveys can make a lot of money.

Web Reviews

If there are more than a handful of reviews, you can be assured the reviewers were paid. People don’t want to review insurance companies, unless they’re angry about something. The average score is 4.3 stars. Many people never file insurance claims. Hence, what did this star rating measure? Did it measure whether the bill was well designed or the web interface was attractive? The point is, star ratings by paid reviewers are meaningless. Don’t rely on them.

Valchoice Ratings

We gather data, massive amounts of data, rolled up by state departments of insurance and analyze it with computer algorithms. The data is the best in the industry. Also, this approach allows us to analyze every company in the industry. In total, we analyze approximately 25,000 auto and home insurance companies. The number is so large because we analyze them in every state.

ValChoice doesn’t get paid to analyze companies. We do this as a service to you. We believe that anyone required to buy insurance has the right to know if what they are buying is any good.

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