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Three Steps to Finding the Best Car Insurance Online

  The pandemic is driving lots of different types of shopping online. Most are pretty easy. Go online and place your order. If the wrong items are shipped, return them. Insurance isn’t difficult either. However, it’s hard to know if you got the wrong item. Therefore, we outline three easy steps to buying car insurance […]

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How much liability insurance do I need?

  The million dollar question. How much liability insurance do I need? Am I adequately protected? Alternatively, am I overprotected and I’m wasting money?  These are important questions. We make the answers easy. First, are you with a good insurance company? Hint, spending a lot on advertisements doesn’t mean they’re a good company. It only […]

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Cover image for ValChoice video on "Full Coverage" insurance and what it means to have collision and comprehensive insurance in addition to liability insurance.

Does comprehensive insurance mean everything is covered?

  Comprehensive insurance. Does that mean it’s inclusive of everything? By definition “comprehensive” means much, inclusive, large in scope. Hence, anyone familiar with the English language would be inclined to think that comprehensive insurance is all they need. Unfortunately, comprehensive insurance is actually not comprehensive at all. Instead, comprehensive insurance is only a small part, […]

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