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Cover image for ValChoice video on "Full Coverage" insurance and what it means to have collision and comprehensive insurance in addition to liability insurance.

Does comprehensive insurance mean everything is covered?


Comprehensive insurance. Does that mean it’s inclusive of everything? By definition “comprehensive” means much, inclusive, large in scope. Hence, anyone familiar with the English language would be inclined to think that comprehensive insurance is all they need.

Unfortunately, comprehensive insurance is actually not comprehensive at all. Instead, comprehensive insurance is only a small part, usually the least expensive part, of what’s referred to as “Full Coverage.”

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What is comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive insurance covers your car in the event something happens that does not involve an accident. Examples include: hail storm, flood, civil disobedience (riots), vandalism, fires, a tree or tree branch falling on the vehicle and other such hazards. Typically, comprehensive insurance does not include coverage for costs related to an accident, towing, rental cars or personal property.

If you own your vehicle, comprehensive insurance is optional. However, if you have a loan or lease, the lender is likely to require you to have comprehensive insurance.

What will comprehensive car insurance cost me?

The ValChoice car insurance calculator makes understanding the cost of insurance easy. To estimate your cost for comprehensive insurance, go to the car insurance estimator and enter your information. On the screen titled “Insurance Coverage” shown below, you can see both the cost of comprehensive insurance and the options for controlling the cost of this type of car insurance.

Estimating the cost of comprehensive car insurance using the ValChoice car insurance calculator

The cost of comprehensive insurance is based on the vehicle you drive. Surprisingly, this is the only type of car insurance where the cost is directly related to the vehicle. The calculator shows the cost estimate of comprehensive car insurance in the red box near the top of the image above.

How can I save money on comprehensive insurance?

There are three ways in which you can save money on comprehensive insurance:

  • Own the car, no loan or lease. In this case you can drop comprehensive insurance
  • Drive a car that costs less to repair. This is not saying the car is worth less. Simply that repair costs are low. Typically, this means an older car without all the sensors embedded in windows and bumpers
  • Also, change your deductible amount. The calculator above shows a few options for changing the deductible

Watch This Video on Comprehensive Car Insurance

Do you prefer videos over reading? If so watch this video on comprehensive car insurance.


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