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Home insurance price vs. value: which matters more?


54% of retail shoppers shop based on the quality of the product. Dalziel and Pow published this data in Marketing Week. However, when it comes to the most important purchase of all, that doesn’t apply. There’s one purchase that protects all that families have worked for over a lifetime. Insurance. Surprisingly, advertisements for insurance focus almost entirely on price.

Are you a quality shopper? Are you interested in getting the best? Click the buttons below to find the best home insurance companies in your state.


Advertising Budgets Indicate Only Price Matters

In 2019 the three largest car insurance companies – State Farm, GEICO and Progressive – spent nearly $4.8 billion on advertisements. Much of this money was spent telling consumers price is the only point that matters when buying insurance. These massive advertising budgets rarely mention product quality. And never offer a proof point substantiating product quality.

How did we get so far offtrack? Here’s how. A lack of transparency in the insurance industry. When lacking reliable, easily understood information, consumers fall back to what they understand well. Dollars and cents.

Looking Beyond Home Insurance Price: Quality and Value

Through the odd course life sometimes leads us through, ValChoice was founded to address this problem. Being hit by a car launched the odd sequence of events. Initially, I was badly hurt physically. Eventually, I was also badly hurt financially. Here’s why. No insurance company would pay medial bills from the accident. Yes, to protect my credit, I had to pay the medical bills.

Following a financial recovery that took longer than the physical recovery, I vowed to bring transparency to insurance. That began as a mission to identify the companies that performed best when paying claims.

Knowing how well companies perform when paying claims should be part of the shopping process for all insurance buyers. Fortunately, it’s easy to do and easy to understand. Click the button below to get a free rating on any insurance company.

If the rating on your insurance company is good, tell a friend. If the rating is poor, change companies. ValChoice does not receive any compensation from insurance companies for rating them.

Finding a Fair Home Insurance Price

Getting a fair home insurance price is still part of the shopping experience. However, it’s not the starting point, middle and ending point. Start with the rating service listed above. If the company you’re considering scores poorly, use our other free service, the best companies in each state. Just click the button below.


With the button above, we list the five best insurance companies, in each state. Scoring well in our analysis includes analyzing financial data and how they price their product. Companies listed on the best home insurance company pages provide both excellent protection and a fair price.

What is a fair home insurance price?

Determining price can be difficult. Nevertheless, it is part of the shopping process. To help consumers with this part of shopping, we’ve built a price estimator. Click the button below to get an estimate of your home insurance price. An agent representing one of the best insurance companies will provide an actual quote for the coverage you need.


An Efficient and Effective Home Insurance Shopping Experience

There’s no longer a reason to dread insurance shopping. Home insurance shopping is now efficient, effective and painless. Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Find out how good your insurance company is with our free home insurance rating. If good, tell a friend. If not good, follow the next two steps.
  2. Use the best five home insurance companies list to shop the best companies in your state.
  3. Get quotes from a few of these companies and compare prices with our home insurance calculator.

When complete, you will have new insurance that’s both good quality and priced fairly. Good luck with your home insurance shopping.

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