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Home Lightning Strikes

Does my home need a lightning rod to protect from lightning strikes?

  When lightning bolts shatter the night sky with flashes of light and the thunder booms, I often find myself wondering “do we need a lightning rod on our house? I suspect many others that live in areas prone to thunder and lightning storms ask themselves the same question. Therefore, we decided to look into […]

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Image for blog post on National Preparedness Month

12 Risks to Prepare for During National Preparedness Month

  Were you prepared for this pandemic? You’re not alone. Nobody was. Hopefully we all learned a lesson. Nearly one and a half years into the pandemic, and September being National Preparedness Month (NPM), there’s no time to start preparing like now. The 2020 theme for National Preparedness Month is: Prepare to Protect. Preparing for […]

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Image for blog post on best homeowners insurance

How do I find the best homeowners insurance?

  We’ve all been there. The mortgage is finally approved. The loan officer says we need to close quick. However, there’s one more item needed. Proof of homeowners insurance. Hurry. Get the proof of insurance quickly. There’s no time to shop for the best homeowners insurance. Finally, the mortgage closes. The house is ours. Let’s […]

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Home Insurance Price

Home insurance price vs. value: which matters more?

  54% of retail shoppers shop based on the quality of the product. Dalziel and Pow published this data in Marketing Week. However, when it comes to the most important purchase of all, that doesn’t apply. There’s one purchase that protects all that families have worked for over a lifetime. Insurance. Surprisingly, advertisements for insurance […]

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