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How do I find cheap home insurance?


Finding cheap home insurance is more difficult than finding cheap car insurance. The reason, not as many home insurance companies have an online presence. However, don’t let that discourage you. There are a lot of good insurance companies that offer fair prices. This article will show you how to find them.

First, let’s agree your home is one of your most valuable assets. For most families, the home is the most valuable asset. Skimping on insurance to protect a valuable asset is not a good idea. Therefore, instead of focusing just on cheap home insurance, let’s focus on a good value.

Start by finding out how your current insurance company rates. ValChoice analyzes and rates every company in every state. Click the button below to get a free rating on your current homeowners insurance company.


Where do I look to find cheap home insurance?

With insurance, price isn’t a very good indicator of quality. ValChoice has studied insurance, in all states, from a number of insurers and found there’s often little link between price and quality. Therefore, let’s start this shopping experience based on the free rating you got with the button above?

Was the rating good? If so, you may want to stay with that company. Alternatively, you may want to get some price comparisons. We have two ways to get a price comparison. Let’s start with the easy way. Click the button below, then click on the map to go to your state. Use the home insurance price calculator and get a price estimate.


Is the estimate close to what you’re paying? If so, you have a fair price for your home insurance. If the price estimate wasn’t close, or you still want more comparative information, read on.

Do you want to find a better price or better insurance?

ValChoice makes this easy too by listing the five best insurance companies in every state. Click the button below, then navigate to your state. When you see the five best homeowners insurance companies, contact those companies for a quote. These are all companies that perform very well when it comes to claims handling. Getting a home insurance quote from these companies will give you a comparison of price for the best companies.


Now you have price quotes from five of the best homeowners insurance companies in the state. They may not all be for cheap home insurance, but you’re almost certain to have some good combinations of a good price and great insurance. Select one of these companies, and the proper coverage, and you should be ready for whatever Mother Nature sends your way.

ValChoice does not get paid by insurance companies to rate them.


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